Tapster 2.0: Attach Servos to Top Section

Introduction: Tapster 2.0: Attach Servos to Top Section

Welcome to the next step for the Tapsterbot! The Tapsterbot 2.0 is an open-source deltabot, which aims to help the testing of mobile applications on real devices (iOS, Android, etc), but which could serve as an excellent introduction to robotics and Arduino.

By now you have 3 Servo mounts complete and ready to install. For this step, you will also need the following parts (see BOM for exact details):

  • 1 "Top plate", listed in the "3D Print or Mill" section of the BOM
  • 6 6-32 Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 6 6-32 Hex Nuts

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Step 1: Attach One Servo Assembly to Top Plate

The side of the Top Plate with the word "tapster" on it is considered the "top". The side without the word is the "bottom".

Note the Xs in the picture: 7 holes in the Top Plate are not used in this step. The 4 red Xs are for the Arduino plate, and the 3 yellow Xs are for the robot's side supports. These 7 holes will not be used in this phase of construction, and it might help to put a small piece of tape over them as a reminder

This is a tricky step, because it is easy to line up the screws into the wrong holes. Study the attached pictures carefully to avoid this

  1. Start with the A (Red) markings
  2. Locate the red holes (relative to the word "tapster" on the top)
  3. Holding the plate upside-down, place the servo assembly so that the long end of its upper arm is on the outside of the plate
  4. Thread 2 screws, from the top, down through the outermost holes in the 9x1 beam of the servo assembly
  5. Once the screw pokes out of the 9x1 beam, thread a hex nut onto it. Tighten the screws and nuts all the way, but do not over-tighten

Step 2: Verify Correct Servo Assembly Installation

Holding the Top Plate upside-down, verify:

  1. All 3 servo assemblies "face" the same counter-clockwise direction
  2. The longer part of the servo assembly arm is along the outermost rim of the Top Plate. You should see the servo arms' magnets along the outside

Now that this has been verified, thread the servo cables through the center hole in the Top Plate

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