Tarantula Terrarium



Introduction: Tarantula Terrarium

Hello I have 4 pterinochilus murinus and they are around 1 year so I decided to move them to a terrarium, I used wildlife box filled with peat moss,1 water hole and a cave.
The steps with more details I will show you in this instructable.

Step 1: You Will Need a Container and Substrate.

I filled the fauna box with peat moss, but you can use other type of containers and substrates in this case I put enough peat moss so they can dig and makes caves, this tarantulas are semi arboreal and this set-up wil be usefull for terrestrial tarantulas and insects like scorpions or beetles etc.

Step 2: Buy or Do the Drinker

I used common vessels and cut into two to make easier remove them and dont move the ground.

Also I put a rock in that to prevent the drowning.

Step 3: Make the Caves :)

I used a flower pot is cheap and combine with the peat moss.

Step 4: The Background

I find some backgrounds in google and after that I put them in real scale with PS but in the petshops you can find one I try to used something similar to their habitat to make more real and atractive the habitat.

Step 5: Just Install All the Things and the Tarantulas :p

This specie is nervous and fast so I used a long tweezers to manipulate them.

Thats all I hope that you liked this tutorial and if you make one you can share that.

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