Tardis Fairy Door: a Home for Fairy Time Lords




About: I'm a Renaissance woman. I love to create things with a fantasy, medieval, or geeky edge. I'm also a math/science nerd. I have a passion for all things Halloween. I like to build props, create costume elemen...

This fairy door, perfect for fairy Time Lords, is a mini replica of a TARDIS door. It's just over 3.5" and made from polymer clay. I spent far more time on this door than I had anticipated, building up layers, referring to photos, cutting pieces, carefully placing things, and just generally fiddling around with it.

I used liquid polymer clay to cover the tiny signs which were printed onto plain paper. I simply dabbed the liquid on both sides of the paper, smoothed it out with my fingers, and cooked these briefly on baking parchment paper. The smooth blue clay on the surface of the polymer clay door base was just a little too tidy for my daughter's taste, so I brushed liquid polymer clay onto it to finish, creating striations with the bristles.

This was an interesting first attempt and I learned a lot.  I plan to build another with step-by-step photos but thought this was a pretty cool little thing, flaws and all.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I look forward to the step-by-step. Flaws are what make hand craftedness invaluable!