Tardis Piñata Easy Step by Steps

Introduction: Tardis Piñata Easy Step by Steps

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I was asked by my friend to make a piñata for her daughters doctor who birthday. Here is my photo progress steps and supplies

What you need.

Thick string
Glue sticks
Tacky glue spray
Black marker
Letter stickers
Black and white card stock paper
Exacto knife.
Blue and white tissue paper

Step 1: Cut and Tape Everything Down.

Cut windows out then add white paper inside it, card stock. It gives it that extra dimension , instead of adding more cardboard. Remember , the overall look will be achieved, and the kids just wanna smash it. At this point add a heavy thick string through bottom and string to the top. Cut a hole with a flap large enough at the bottom to add candy prizes.

I had cool comic duck tape. Since know one will see it who cares what it looks like. They are all wanting the candy. Add a heavier weight cardboard on the bottom so it can hold the weight of the candy prizes. Add candy and tape flap at bottom And use duck tape to stick to box. It never fails.

Step 2: Add Fringe

The best and fastest way to do this is to pre- cut your fringes and glue at least two extra rows above the last. This way you can just keep sticking rather than, stopping, cutting, then gluing each row.

Step 3: Add Details

Got real tired by the end, only because I only had two days to make it , after I got out of work. So I apologize on the sloppy draw windows.

Step 4: All Done.

Once your done make sure you use a thick string. The weight of piñata with candy and prize can be a bit heavy so it needs good thick string.. At this point crack your fingers and give yourself a pat on the back.

Step 5: Bitter Sweet

After all your hard work and smiling kid faces, you tend to whole back a tear and watch the kids go gorilla on your project.


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