Target Bag Clutch

Introduction: Target Bag Clutch

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step 1: collect several plastic grocery bags

step 2: iron together the plastic bags with a thin towel in between the iron and the plastic bag (this is so that the bag doesn't melt and stick to the iron) the plastic bags should be ironed about 3-4 bags thick

step 3: cut the sheet of ironed plastic bags to the desired size of your clutch

step 4: use a sewing machine to seam together the clutch. Sew it inside out and then flip it right side out after sewing is completed

step 5: hot glue or sew a ribbon to the edge of the flap

If you would like, you can put a magnetic clasp on it to secure it shut.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Just as a forewarning....if you plan to use this clutch for outing purposes; the image is copyrighted and you could be sued. People have been sued for using logos (and target was one of them that had sued in the past) on creative things as such. I personally hate that something so chic as this can cause a lawsuit.