Target Stand

Introduction: Target Stand

There are tons of plans, and good ones at that to hold paper targets with cardboard backing. However there were things about them I didn't like and features that I wanted, that they don't have.

1. I hate staples

2. must be very portable

This is my first generation design which met my criteria.

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Step 1: Parts for the Base

Obtain a 10' piece of 1/2" pvc pipe, 4 tees, 4 90 degree elbows and something to cut the pipe with.

Most silhouette type paper targets are 12" wide, but you can use whatever measurements you wish.

cuts. I use 16" wide cardboard so I cut 1" off the 16" piece and use the coupler, This is optional however most plastic grocery bags fit 12" long things and shorter much better, they will lay flat.

1 16"

or 2 7 1/2" pieces and the 1/2" coupler option

6 12"

I took the left over, divided by 4 cut 4 legs so I wouldn't have any left over.

The parts are "dry" fit not glued so it can be disassembled and put into a bag.

Step 2: Assembly

I use clothes pins and cheap bamboo canes from any garden or hardware store, cut to size if you like.

Step 3: The End.....for Now

Why did I choose 12 inches for the 6 pieces? I wanted as many pieces to be the same size as possible so I didn't have to worry about which one went were during assembly, keeping it simple is key.

What about the wind? Yeah the wind blows (so to speak). You could remove the vertical legs and elbows, use some sand bags depending on how strong the wind is. If you are hard core you'll probably want a more robust stand for those really windy days. Same basic design with bigger pipe that can accommodate 1x2 boards, they are fairly inexpensive., lots of plans using 1x2s. Easy to find using your favorite search method.

The first one I made I used clamps and pipe instead of bamboo and clothes pins, worked fine until I shot it, missed.

If I can figure a way to cut the bamboo shorter then reconnect the pieces to the desired length, much like you can with the pvc then it will be just about perfect for what I was trying to do. While there are replacement canes for the bamboo, like fiber glass which I think come with threaded connectors, it's not worth the extra money for me.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    That looks good :) I like that you made it easy to break down and move.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, it assembles quickly and transports very easily. Because it's so inexpensive to make I may make a couple more that way I won't have to switch out targets as often. Spending more time shooting and less time assembling etc is key.