Taro Cake Slices



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In Indonesia, this steamed cake is known as Amparak Tatak (in Borneo) and also Kue Talam (in Java).

They come in various flavors and great to accompany your afternoon tea/coffee or even for breakfast and whenever.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

Bottom Layer:

200 grams rice flour

100 grams sugar

a dash of salt

100 ml coconut milk

150 ml hot boiling water

Grease a round or square pan with cooking oil, mix all ingredients, pour into the pan, steam until firm (cooked), then pour the top layer batter)

Top Layer:

300 ml coconut milk

2 tbsp margarine

50 grams rice flour

2 tbsp Taro powder (can be purchased at stores in Chinatown, health food store, or major grocery stores)

Mix all ingredients, then pour onto the firm lower level, continue steaming until well done. Let completely cool before slicing.

Enjoy :)



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