Tarot Card Bag



Introduction: Tarot Card Bag


Time- 10-15 mins
Material - scrap fabric and suede lace

I always place my spiritual cards in little cloth bags.

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Step 1: Size & Fabric Choice

I had a few different fabrics to choose from......I went with the little witches. I thought it was so cute and fitting for the cards.

I have also have my cards on hand to make sure they fit in the new bag.

Step 2:

Since I had the old bag I used it as a pattern and cut a 1/2 inch seam on both sides and 1 inch at the top.

The Fabric piece was 12" x 5.5" inches

I pinned the top down 1 inch and pinned half an inch down on both sides.

****A great use of scrap fabric.

Step 3:

Took me less then 5 minutes to sew across the top and down both sides.

I flipped the fabric right side up and the bag was ready to go.

Step 4:

I slipped the cards inside. A perfect fit! The last thing to do is to make a tie for the top of the bag.

I like to use suede lace from walmart. I cut about a hands length and tied both ends into knots.

Next I tied the suede in a simple knot at the top of the cards.

Step 5:

Simple and Easy Sewing craft!

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