Tarot Cards : Part 2 : Minor Arcana

Introduction: Tarot Cards : Part 2 : Minor Arcana

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There are 78 tarot cards, the cards are divided into two groups or categories, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana and 56 cards in the Minor Arcana.

This Instructable will introduce you to the cards in the Minor Arcana.

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Step 1: Ace of Cups

Upright Meaning: Love

As cups are associated with the element of Water, or love and emotion, the Ace predicts emotional fulfillment, creativity, and contentment, from falling passionately in love with a person or an ideal to following a spiritual calling or artistic pursuit. Pregnancy and motherhood are also indicated because the overflowing chalice of the Ace symbolizes ultimate femininity. (Dean, 2008, 37)

Reversed Meaning: Stagnation

A fertility issue in a relationship or other emotional block, may prevent love growing, leading to stagnation and emptiness. The reversed Ace may also reveal a fear of not having enough time or emotional energy to spend with children, other relatives, or close friends. (Dean, 2008, 37)

Step 2: Two of Cups

Upright Meaning: A Love Commitment

This card indicates a happy relationship and a promise, such as an engagement or marriage. Close friendships and creative teams are also favored, as you communicate perfectly and reach agreement easily. An additional meaning of the Two is reconciliation, so if there has been recent discord, rifts will soon be healed. (Dean, 2008, 37)

Reversed Meaning: Separation

One person may be unwilling to commit to a partnership. Relationships suffer as communication fails, leading to jealousy, divisions, and break-ups. Trust may be broken as secrets are revealed. (Dean, 2008, 37)

Step 3: Three of Cups

Upright Meaning: Growth, Healing, Celebration

Love grows and a relationship moves up to a new level of commitment. A child may be born, or your creativity flourishes as new projects evolve and take form. This is a card of healing and happiness, with myriad opportunities for celebration, sharing, and the renewal of a friendship. The Three also predicts healing, so you feel rejuvenated , physically and emotionally. (Dean, 2008, 38)

Reversed Meaning: Betrayal

The reversed Three reveals disappointment in a relationship; a partner is unfaithful or a trusted friend betrays a confidence. There may be enstrangement as people you usually rely upon are not able to help. This card can also indicate low energy and possible health problems. (Dean, 2008, 38)

Step 4: Four of Cups

Upright Meaning: Boredom

There's a vague sense of monotony creeping into a relationship. After the frisson of romance comes a quieter time of adjustment, so you may be in a transient phase when excitement wears off and your relationship either deepens or dissolves. If single, you may feel disillusioned about meeting a partner. Whatever your circumstances, it is time to rediscover your faith in finding love that lasts. (Dean, 2008, 38)

Reversed Meaning: Apathy

Emotional exhaustion, loneliness, and poor health or self-esteem are common symptoms of the reversed Four. Equally you may have become indulgent and complacent in a relationship. To break the pattern of apathy take action -- small decisions still effect change. (Dean, 2008, 38)

Step 5: Five of Cups

Upright Meaning: Unhappiness

An unhappy relationship needs to be resolved. A romance or close friendship ends, or a partner becomes emotionally or physically distant. The loss of intimacy may be distressing, and it may be tempting to wish you had both behaved differently. (Dean, 2008, 39)

Reversed Meaning: Healing

The Five reversed reveals that emotional wounds are healing. You may have suffered a broken relationship or dream, but by letting go of past hurts, you can encourage recovery. Confidence and hope will return as you make a transition into a new, more positive phase. (Dean, 2008, 39)

Step 6: Six of Cups

Upright Meaning: Benefits of Experience

Past and present mingle, bringing happiness and stimulation. You benefit from skills acquired and contacts from the past, and appreciate what your life experience has taught you. An old friend or other acquaintance resurfaces, and you enjoy time spent reminiscing. The company and ideas offer a spark of inspiration for future schemes and adventures. (Dean, 2008, 39)

Reversed Meaning: Sentimentality

When reversed, the Six reveals that you may feel trapped by the past. Sentimentality for the old days is holding you back, blocking valuable opportunities and relationships. An additional meaning is that you believe that a particular partnership has no future. (Dean, 2008, 39)

Step 7: Seven of Cups

Upright Meaning: Confusion

Many opportunities and invitations beckon, some of which could help you achieve a treasured goal. There is immense potential for your talent to shine, but the wealth of offers will cause confusion; you will need to rely upon your instincts, or first impressions, rather than logic. Let your intuition alone guide you toward an inspired leap forward. (Dean, 2008, 40)

Reversed Meaning: Illusion

A determined belief that a new love, home or project is the one-and-only means that you are willing to overlook any deficiencies. As a consequence, you may be deceived in love, but prefer to convince yourself that all is well rather than face an uncomfortable truth. (Dean, 2008, 40)

Step 8: Eight of Cups

Upright Meaning: A Change of Heart

The eight reveals an important decision affecting an established relationship. This move has been considered carefully, and you or the other person has taken a long-term view and decided to take action. Is is likely that a romance has come to a standstill, and the only way to resolve this is for one both, of you to step away. A sacrifice now means you may both have happier futures. (Dean, 2008, 40)

Reversed Meaning: Poor Judgement

A good relationship is neglected or abandoned. The reversed eight foretells a lack of maturity, as you or a partner cannot appreciate what you shared together. Later, one of you may regret making this decision. There may also be a disregard for other positive offers and opportunities. (Dean, 2008, 40)

Step 9: Nine of Cups

Upright Meaning: A Dream Come True

Known as the "wish" card of the tarot, the Nine brings you your heart's desire. Friendship becomes love, or other wishes are granted as you begin to live the life you once dreamed about. A time for good news, friendship, and socializing, you will enjoy expressing your creativity. The card also reveals good health and security, both financially and emotionally. (Dean, 2008, 41)

Reversed Meaning: Vanity

relationships suffer due to egotism, which causes hurt and discord. Another's vanity means your feelings are overlooked, or your self-centeredness affects others negatively, perhaps causing division in a close group of friends. This card can also indicate frustrating delays to plans. (Dean, 2008, 41)

Step 10: Ten of Cups

Upright Meaning: Contentment

The Ten is an auspicious card for all relationships -- friends, families, and romantic partners. It reveals stability and enjoyment, and can also predict a time for contemplation, such as a family or school reunion. You can enjoy peace and harmony in all your relationships, and in group activities, from a sports team to choirs: the Ten predicts bonding and happy togetherness. (Dean, 2008, 41)

Reversed Meaning: Distance

When the Ten reverses, group activities are less favored, so you may find yourself missing the company of usual friends. There may be some mild disruption in a family circle or network, with one person exploiting or dominating others. (Dean, 2008, 41)

Step 11: Page of Cups

Upright Meaning: Guidance

The intuitive page may offer good news about a relationship, or simply bring a sociable, artistic influence. However he can be dreamy and lacking in focus, so his arrival in a reading can also reveal a need for practicality in a romance, or indicate that you will give others guidance and support; children may need extra help just now. (Dean, 2008, 42)

Reversed Meaning: Frustration

The reversed page seeks attention and has difficulty expressing his feelings in a positive way. He may be a child or young person in your life who is going through a difficult phase; as a situation you may find it frustrating trying to get the accurate information you need without becoming caught up in drama. (Dean, 2008, 42)

Step 12: Knight of Cups

Upright Meaning: Affection/friendship

A creative, dreamy individual, the knight heralds new relationships and friends. As a situation, he brings that holiday feeling -- a sociable, languorous time spent musing on the infinite possibilities of life in a sunshine glow. If you fall for the knight romantically, he may offer affection, but you may feel uncertain about his potential as a long-term partner. (Dean, 2008, 42)

Reversed Meaning: Emptyness

The reversed knight can be dangerous if you believe his words. A fantasist full of extraordinary schemes, he often breaks promises and, ultimately, he will deceive you. Do not trust him, as what he is offering has little or no substance. (Dean, 2008, 42)

Step 13: Queen of Cups

Upright Meaning: Nurturing, Insight

A natural giver, the Queen represents a caring, maternal woman. A queen of hearts, she is sensitive and insightful. As a situation, she predicts a time for nurturing yourself and others. You may be in touch with your intuition more just now, so take note of your dreams because they bring messages about your deepest needs. (Dean, 2008, 43)

Reversed Meaning: Jealousy, Infidelity

The reversed Queen can be jealous and attention seeking. Her neediness can be draining, so you may find yourself avoiding her company. As a symbol of a situation, you may be under emotional and financial pressure; she may also signal that someone is being unfaithful. (Dean, 2008, 43)

Step 14: King of Cups

Upright Meaning: Problem-Solving, Intuition

The king is a strong administrator and negotiator, who exudes quiet authority. At times he may incline to be distant, disappearing into his own world, but outwardly, he is kindly, wise, a lover of the arts, a natural peace-maker, and a caring, supportive partner. As a situation, he shows that problems will be solved, and advises that you may be happier allowing your heart to rule your head. (Dean, 2008, 43)

Reversed Meaning: Destructive behavior

The reversed king has extreme emotions and being in his company means you lurch between his highs and lows. He may avoid difficult situations rather than resolve them, and at times resort to destructive tactics to escape commitment. (Dean, 2008, 43)

Step 15: Ace of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Material Success

This card indicates financial gain in terms of growing investments or unexpected gifts, from bonuses to royalties or competition wins. The Ace expresses complete material security, and brings reassurance after a period of uncertainty. The card also signals success for business start-ups and new relationships, so this is a happy, comfortable prosperous time. (Dean, 2008, 44)

Reversed Meaning: Financial loss

The arrival of this card is not only a warning to be very cautious in all money dealings, but to curb your own materialism, or be skeptical of those who value their assets above their friends. Do not gamble with anything you value. This card may also reveal a loveless relationship based on materialism and outward appearance. (Dean, 2008, 44)

Step 16: Two of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Solvency

Your financial situation may be volatile, but the Two affirms that with careful management you will have enough money to pay your way. Life is unpredictable, with many demands on your time, but your business is solvent and professional partnerships run smoothly -- although, in romantic relationships, you may need to negotiate your share of the domestic workload. (Dean, 2008, 44)

Reversed Meaning: Money Worries

The Two reversed can warn you of dealings with a partner who is dangerous to your business because of dishonesty or disinterest. This is a precarious time, when funds are low, so a new venture may falter. Alternatively, a romantic relationship suffers due to money worries. (Dean, 2008, 44)

Step 17: Three of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Creativity

For the artisan or entrepreneur, this card is a prediction of success. If you have worked hard to build up a small business from scratch -- or discovered a new creative path -- you will enjoy a great sense of pride and achievement in your chosen discipline, and you may be rewarded financially. The Three can also show your ambition extending to a new home or business premises. (Dean, 2008, 45)

Reversed Meaning: A Creative Block

A project or relationship founders because problems are denied. You, or someone influential in your orbit, prefer romanticism to reality, so essential work is neglected. Delays to property schemes may also be indicated. (Dean, 2008, 45)

Step 18: Four of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Stability, Confidence

What you have worked for is finally secured. The Four indicates stability and firm foundations for the future, so you now have a solid base on which to build your empire. Whether you are investing in a business, running a small project from home, or studying in a group, this card reveals success in your venture, and brings reassurance after a time of insecurity, this is also a positive card for health matters, indicating recovery. (Dean, 2008, 45)

Reversed Meaning: Limitation

Rewards seem elusive as you wait for others to acknowledge you, leaving you marginalized and feeling undervalued. By obsessing about one outcome, however, you may be overlooking less restrictive opportunities elsewhere. (Dean, 2008, 45)

Step 19: Five of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Hardship

The Five indicates debt, poverty and hardship -- yet this card often reveals a fear of mounting debt rather than actual loss. An additional meaning is potential isolation from group activities, perhaps due to low funds. However, you will get a second chance to rectify any financial errors, saving your bank balance and, perhaps, a relationship. (Dean, 2008, 46)

Reversed Meaning: Greed

When the Five reverses, money problems, threaten to destroy domestic security and partnerships. The cause of this chaos is greed and poor judgement, and knowing that you or someone close is at heart is responsible will perhaps make it all the harder to forgive them. (Dean, 2008, 46)

Step 20: Six of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: A Gift

Your gift may arrive as a financial investment in your business from a mentor, a small legacy from a relative, a competition win, bonus, or another payout that is wholly unexpected. You may also be appreciated just for being you, as your special gift may be a small token from a friend. Equally, you may be inspired by generosity to give to others without expecting anything in return. (Dean, 2008, 46)

Reversed Meaning: Meanness

Payment due to you is withheld for no good reason, or an offer is made in bad faith. At this time, avoid overblown cash offers, or any degree of financial risk; others cannot be relied upon to be true to their word. (Dean, 2008, 46)

Step 21: Seven of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Perseverance

The Seven indicates that there is great potential for you to achieve your goals. From a promotion to learning a new skill, renovating your home to managing your finances, you have everything you need for success. This is just the beginning, however, so be determined; you will need to apply continued effort to maximize your potential. Do not deviate from your chosen path. (Dean, 2008, 47)

Reversed Meaning: Procrastination

There's just too much to resolve, or so it seems. You or someone close to you is beset with worry as a cash or confidence crisis looms. The situation, however, is less complex than it appears: take action rather than procrastination. (Dean, 2008, 47)

Step 22: Eight of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Opportunity

An offer comes your way, bringing material reward. The Eight reveals that you will feel valued by this opportunity, and it is advisable that you accept the invitation, because it will give you what you need -- from further education to a small project you will love. The time you invest now in your development and training will benefit you financially in the future. (Dean, 2008, 47)

Reversed Meaning: Overcommitment

You may be overcommited, but feel that you cannot turn the clock back -- even though you now see that you have agreed to high pressure and little pay, or signing away your social life for the foreseeable future. Escape the trap; your first instincts were right all along. (Dean, 2008, 47)

Step 23: Nine of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Order, Pleasure

Harmony rules -- as noise disputes with neighbors, building work, or family quarrels cease. Order is restored, money flows, and you can now enjoy the financial security you have worked for. This is also a time to appreciate your home life, and your calm, relaxed state of mind will naturally attract others to you. (Dean, 2008, 48)

Reversed Meaning: Money Wars

Chaos approaches as your home and security are threatened due to serious money problems. Finances have been mismanaged, causing arguments and destabilizing domestic relationships. Do whatever you can to find some perspective on the situation before it escalates further. (Dean, 2008, 48)

Step 24: Ten of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Inheritance, Happiness

The Ten is often a fortuitous card for families, favoring existing generations and those to come, so it can literally predict a happy marriage and children. In monetary terms the Ten, as the ultimate card of the pentacles, reveals wealth accrued through generations, so there may be benefits from share dividends, an inheritance, or a gift from a generous friend of relative. (Dean, 2008, 48)

Reversed Meaning: Family Conflict

The reversed Ten reveals family conflict, from separation to inheritance issues. A will may be disputed, or another long-term expectation is not fulfilled. A member of an older generation may hold outdated beliefs that frustrate young family members. (Dean, 2008, 48)

Step 25: Page of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Good News About Money

As a person, the Page is responsible and diligent; he symbolizes hard work and a mature attitude, and he advises that you keep on top of money matters to avoid future shortfalls. You will be solvent, but avoid unnecessary extravaganse now and focus on longer-term financial goals. New projects are favored. (Dean, 2008, 49)

Reversed Meaning: Irresponsibility

There's a reckless influence around now, when you, or someone else, spends money unwisely or without thought, which directly depletes your finances. However it happens, money drains away, which restricts your activities. The reversed page can also warn of delays to projects due to funding problems. (Dean, 2008, 49)

Step 26: Knight of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Security, Progress

The night brings energy and sure purpose to business affairs, ongoing projects, and personal money matters. While not inspiring or deeply creative, he does offer steadfast loyalty. His appearance reveals that your project or career is heading in the right direction; you will enjoy some financial security and make steady progress. (Dean, 2008, 49)

Reversed Meaning: Inaction, dishonesty

The reversed knight may all talk and no action. Complacent and boring, he makes you do all the work, demanding that you trust him while offering little evidence that he is worthy. This card also symbolizes dishonesty, so examine all offers carefully, and beware of pressure to commit to improbable schemes. (Dean, 2008, 49)

Step 27: Queen of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Generosity

A respected business person, this Queen may also be your financial angel. Generous, wise and very grounded in her attitudes, others love her joei de vivre and willingness to support those closest to her. She brings stability, gifts, and protection, and predicts a happy time ahead, but materially and emotionally. (Dean, 2008, 50)

Reversed Meaning: Miserliness

Money rules the reversed Queen. Often miserly, the way she withhold money from others reveals her deep insecurities and lack of trust; occasionally, she may be extravagant and tasteless. As a situation, this may be time for thrift, or you may need to avoid someone with money issues. (Dean, 2008, 50)

Step 28: King of Pentacles

Upright Meaning: Problems solved

A natural problem-solver, this King symbolizes practicality, security, and contentment. He is often connected with property, and may be a property developer or landlord; in terms of personal qualities, he is someone you can rely upon to do what he promises. This card is also a good omen for work and business, as it indicates stability and long-term financial security. (Dean, 2008, 50)

Reversed Meaning: Corruption

The reversed King is vengeful, corrupt, and entirely untrustworthy. Money is his only priority, so he may feature as the landlord from hell, or another associate or acquaintance who will never honor his debts. The message of this card is to beware others' immortal behavior. (Dean, 2008, 50)

Step 29: Ace of Swords

Upright Meaning: Victory, Progress

The Ace brings success and whirlwind of activity. Despite fierce opposition, victory, justice and progress are assured, although you may need to sharpen your wits to withstand the drama and challenges that await. As this card symbolizes the faculty of thought and the intellect, it is a good omen for success in examinations. (Dean, 2008, 51)

Reversed Meaning: Loss

Loss and possible failure loom as plans are delayed and a prize feels just out of reach. Dwelling on problems too much causes anxiety, preventing you from taking action. If you're living on a knife-edge, let your logical side work overtime for a change -- devise and action-plan to get projects moving again. (Dean, 2008, 51)

Step 30: Two of Swords

Upright Meaning: A Truce

Peace returns after a time of discord and turmoil. You may not trust this truce, but it could present a valuable opportunity to gain perspective on a problem relationship or another troublesome association. Be cautious and factual, and consider every aspect. You will need to balance carefully your needs with those of the other party if you are to come to an agreement. (Dean, 2008, 51)

Reversed Meaning: Suspicion

The reversed Two often indicates a lack of trust, such as deception and betrayal in a partnership. Be aware that others around you may thrive on drama and manipulation. Keep asking direct questions and do not give up until you have all the answers you are seeking. (Dean, 2008, 51)

Step 31: Three of Swords

Upright Meaning: Heartbreak, Sorrow

When the Three Arrives in a reading, a painful situation which is unavoidable must be addressed. With this card comes heartbreak, sorrow, and deep disappointment due to the loss of a relationship, or other commitment, that has taken a turn for the worse. This may feel dramatic, bitter, and cause some chaos -- which thankfully will not rule forever. This, too, will pass. (Dean, 2008, 52)

Reversed Meaning: Chaos

In the reversed position, the Three foretells drama and upheaval as you battle your way out of a relationship, or other commitment, that has taken a turn for the worse. This may feel dramatic, bitter, and cause some chaos -- which thankfully will not rule forever. This, too, will pass. (Dean, 2008, 52)

Step 32: Four of Swords

Upright Meaning: Recovery

This positive card provides reassurance that you can look forward to recovery time after a period of intense activity and pressure. The Four symbolizes rest and a true respite from conflict or any other situation that has drained your vital resources. Body and mind can heal and unwind, so the card can also indicate recuperation after and illness. (Dean, 2008, 52)

Reversed Meaning: Illness, Disruption

The reversed Four may indicate a short illness and time away from familiar surroundings, such as a short stay in hospital. Alternatively, rather than allowing you to enjoy a few days or so on the sofa, and ailment becomes irritating and disruptive. Either way, you may be feeling isolated due to lack of contact with others. (Dean, 2008, 52)

Step 33: Five of Swords

Upright Meaning: Defeat

You may be trying too hard to solve a problem or win a battle when there is no way to succeed. It is time for an exit strategy to escape mounting pressure: admit defeat and move on rather than fight on to save face. The Five can also indicate debt and potential poverty; don't exhaust your emotional or financial reserves. (Dean, 2008, 53)

Reversed Meaning: Exposure

A tense situation escalates. An initiative has failed, but fear of humiliation and exposure to spiteful criticism means you remain defiant rather than admit past mistakes. To stop the downward spiral, you may need to own up to errors, painful though this may be. (Dean, 2008, 53)

Step 34: Six of Swords

Upright Meaning: Peace Restored

Finally, harmony prevails, and you are able to take time out now that everything is in order. There may be an opportunity to travel abroad for rest or career, and return to the demands of your everyday life with more verve. While the Six does not indicate that a project or problem is resolved, it advises that you will enjoy a little distance from it. (Dean, 2008, 53)

Reversed Meaning: Enforced Delay

Stagnation, depletion and a lack of focus are your lot now. You may crave a break, but you will need to keep going or opportunities will be missed. Call upon every ounce of energy you possess and apply yourself, or risk jeopardizing what you have achieved so far. (Dean, 2008, 53)

Step 35: Seven of Swords

Upright Meaning: Dispossession

You face a potentially dangerous adversary who wants something from you. You will need a brilliant strategy to outwit him or her and, because there is no sense of trust in this relationship, to win the battle you may resort to cunning. The Seven also indicates that you take extra care of your property and personal possessions at this time. (Dean, 2008, 54)

Reversed Meaning: Dishonesty

The reversed Seven magnifies the meaning of the upright card, so theft or other dishonest behavior are more likely; examine other's motives as someone close may be out to deceive you. On an emotional level, you may give in to bullying and pressure rather than retaliate. Find your courage, and stand your ground. (Dean, 2008, 54)

Step 36: Eight of Swords

Upright Meaning: Denial

A relationship or project is falling apart and there's little you want to do, or feel you can do, to prevent it. You're in denial and can't yet work out how to go forward, or face up to what's happening. Consult others, focus your thoughts, and drag yourself from emotional lethargy. Break the spell. (Dean, 2008, 54)

Reversed Meaning: Self-blame

When the Eight reverses, the swords cut one way just now -- in your direction. You lose perspective and blame only yourself for recent events, which traps you in a cycle of guilt and self-recrimination. You may be in danger of wasting precious energy worrying, forgetting that your brilliant brain can rescue you -- even from this. (Dean, 2008, 54)

Step 37: Nine of Swords

Upright Meaning: Suffering, Victimization

The Nine reveals a time of depletion when you are in danger of becoming a victim of stress and extreme anxiety. This maybe because you are a run down and susceptible to illness, or due to constant battles with colleagues or family. You do have the inner strength to get through this testing time. (Dean, 2008, 55)

Reversed Meaning: Martyrdom

You may be feeling trapped by a sense of despair that is becoming all too familiar, so that is is virtually impossible to recognize a good thing when it comes along. Try to acknowledge that this way of thinking is becoming a pattern, and reject this self-appointed martyrdom; it's an all-too convenient way to avoid the real issues. (Dean, 2008, 55)

Step 38: Ten of Swords

Upright Meaning: Endings

In the suit of swords, endings are dramatic, and may be shocking. However, on closer inspection of the facts, it's likely that this ending was predictable. A relationship or other arrangement is cut out of your life. The closure is harsh, but necessary; you will recover and be open to new opportunities sooner than you think. (Dean, 2008, 55)

Reversed Meaning: Ruin

The reversed Ten often applies to a group rather than and individual. The card can arise to signal the end of a phase -- at work, the end of an era for group of colleagues -- or the disintegration of a social group. At this stage, neither you or others are willing, yet, to face the disappointment that this endangers. Manage this dispiriting situation as best you can. (Dean, 2008, 55)

Step 39: Page of Swords

Upright Meaning: Intelligence

The Page of Swords brings helpful, practical advice. An astute judge of character, when he appears in a reading it's a sure sign that you will need your wits about you in order to stay ahead in negotiations. Intelligence is key now, so you may also meet a mentor who offers valuable information, wisdom, and shrewd observation. (Dean, 2008, 56)

Reversed Meaning: Mischief

With the reversed page, you never know where you are -- is he a thief, gossip, or arch manipulator? He keeps you guessing with misinformation, so deception is a real possibility. As an indicator of a situation, check all paperwork and arrangements very carefully, and beware of subtle lies. (Dean, 2008, 56)

Step 40: Knight of Swords

Upright Meaning: A Battle

When the Knight of Swords arrives in a reading, he heralds a future battle that must be fought so that a resolution to a problem may be found. Dynamic and charming, he may come into your life for just a short period of time, but his verve is infectious: he brings enough energy and determination to meet the challenge with courage. (Dean, 2008, 56)

Reversed Meaning: False Heroics

The reversed Knight loves a drama, provided that he can manipulate others from the sidelines rather than partake. This creates unnecessary conflict and even chaos, and when the pressure to take action becomes too much, he retreats, leaving others to face their opponent. As a general influence, be aware that there is someone around you just now who cannot be relied upon. (Dean, 2008, 56)

Step 41: Queen of Swords

Upright Meaning: Eloquence

The Queen brings intelligence, eloquence, and loyalty -- up to a point. Effortlessly charming, she will protect those in her favor, but in business she will put her own needs before yours. As a symbol of a situation, the card indicates transient help; you may appreciate what support is offered from a friend or colleague while you share similar goals or lifestyles. (Dean, 2008, 57)

Reversed Meaning: Ruthlessness

With her armory of cutting remarks and dark threats, the reversed Queen is ruthless and self-obsessed, with little regard for others' feelings. An an employer or family matriarch, this card expresses her worst aspects. As a situation the reversed Queen predicts a negotiation that cannot go your way. (Dean, 2008, 57)

Step 42: King of Swords

Upright Meaning: Ambition

Sharp and decisive, the King is a strategist often associated with successful business practice. Adept at solving problems, he is the ultimate manager, seeing the bigger picture while leaving others to work on the smaller issues. As a symbol of a situation, projects take off, but do pay attention to detail to avoid delay. (Dean, 2008, 57)

Reversed Meaning: Cruelty

The reversed King is a harsh opponent who relentlessly pursues the prize. He may show cruelty, even, in his desire to win. Retreat, as you can have little influence when dealing with a tyrant. In terms of a project rather than a person, he predicts open confrontation and opposition. (Dean, 2008, 57)

Step 43: Ace of Wands

Upright Meaning: Creative success

As a symbol of creative masculine energy, this card expresses inspiration and good communication, and favors all new plans and projects. Whether you're setting up a business or hoping to start a family, embark on a trip away or an artistic pursuit, the Ace predicts great success. It's the perfect time to take an important step forward. (Dean, 2008, 58)

Reversed Meaning: Delay

The timing is not right for what you want to create, and it may be difficult to seek cooperation from other people. This causes frustration as projects are delayed, and travel and special events may be postponed. Success is within reach, however, and with patience it will come. (Dean, 2008, 58)

Step 44: Two of Wands

Upright Meaning: A Reliable Partner

Help is given and progress made in partnerships. There is equality and financial security, and you are both managing your business, new project, or domestic arrangements well. Your efforts will bring happy stability both now and in the future. This card ultimately reassures you that all your work will be worthwhile. (Dean, 2008, 58)

Reversed Meaning: Inequality

An imbalance in a partnership, with one person having more influence or input than the other. This card can also show financial inequality, so money may have become and issue between you, causing disagreement. Alternatively, you may need to share a domestic workload more evenly, if one partner feels taken for granted. (Dean, 2008, 58)

Step 45: Three of Wands

Upright Meaning: Self-Expression, Speed

The Three reveals creativity and self-expression, and the development of projects. Events speed up, with more communication, action, and reward, as money flows your way. This confirms what you secretly know to be true -- that you are really good at what you do. (Dean, 2008, 59)

Reversed Meaning: Misunderstanding

In the reversed position, the Three of Wands symbolizes misconception. Conversations are fraught with misunderstanding, so that you become unable to begin a project or gain group consensus on an issue that, when resolved, will unlock a problem. There is, however, little you can do, other than avoid direct confrontation. (Dean, 2008, 59)

Step 46: Four of Wands

Upright Meaning: Satisfaction

Rightly, you feel happy and satisfied just now. You are consolidating the different elements of your life, bringing a greater enjoyment of your work, home, friends, and family. A new property or improvement work on an existing home may be likely as you expand into a larger or more appropriate space. It is time to appreciate what you have, and enjoy a sense of well-earned security. (Dean, 2008, 59)

Reversed Meaning: Postponement

You may be finding it difficult to bring together conflicting aspects of your life just now. Inflexible attitudes restrict your progress; rewards seem elusive as you lose out to other contenders. Stay focused and be open to possibility, rather than give up too soon. (Dean, 2008, 59)

Step 47: Five of Wands

Upright Meaning: Diligence, A Test

You may need to work very hard to negotiate your way out of an argument or to make sure that complex documents or plans are accurate. Check that figures add up and that schedules will work in practice -- and mentally rehearse potential problems until you are satisfied that all your plans are watertight. (Dean, 2008, 60)

Reversed Meaning: Deception

You may hear something that leads you to believe that you or others have been deceived. This may be galling if you have worked hard and in good faith, while others may not have followed the same code, or shared your values. Try to let go of any resentment you may feel, as there is little you can do about it. (Dean, 2008, 60)

Step 48: Six of Wands

Upright Meaning: Triumph, Reward

After hard work comes a breakthrough, with fantastic news about a long-awaited award or the ending of a dispute. The Six is favorable for resolving legal matters, delayed contracts, or a work issue -- whatever the situation, you succeed and receive a special reward for your determined effort. It is time to feel proud. (Dean, 2008, 60)

Reversed Meaning: Disappointment

No matter how devotedly you have followed a dream, the reward has eluded you. The actions of others may have excluded you, leaving you feeling confused and insecure, and perhaps cast out from a group. This card also reveals general delays to your plans, and feelings of suspicion and frustration. (Dean, 2008, 60)

Step 49: Seven of Wands

Upright Meaning: Perseverance

The message of the Seven is that your goals are worth pursuing. You may not have and easy path to follow but, with perseverance, you can get where you need to be. This is challenging, because it may be some time before you see a return for your hard work, but keep believing. There is great chance that you will succeed. (Dean, 2008, 61)

Reversed Meaning: A Communication Barrier

Some negotiations are not worth the effort -- no matter how hard you try to talk through a problem or plan a project, other parties don't appreciate your viewpoint. Your efforts may be wasted. With so little potential for success, it is best to save your energy and back away from battle. (Dean, 2008, 61)

Step 50: Eight of Wands

Upright Meaning: Opportunities

There is great news about a trip or project, and the Eight signals a very busy time ahead for you, with plenty of ideas, activity, and proposals on offer. Others recognize your talent, and you feel appreciated and valued. Whatever fires your self-expression and creativity is favored, and you'll find it easy to connect with others who share your vision. (Dean, 2008, 61)

Reversed Meaning: Discernment

You may hesitate before accepting offers because it is unclear if some are genuine or false. It is better to turn down a proposal than invest time in a project that may or may not stand up to scrutiny. Frustration may also be an issue, as you cannot seem to communicate with those who have the power to accelerate events and create genuine opportunities for you. (Dean, 2008, 61)

Step 51: Nine of Wands

Upright Meaning: Resourcefulness

You're under pressure and there are a million and one demands on your time, but you have the resources -- mental alacrity, supportive people, and enough drive -- to see you through this stimulating, although stressful, period. By accepting the need to work hard for a time, you can stay focused and make progress, rather than resent or regret your commitments. (Dean, 2008, 62)

Reversed Meaning: Pressure

When the Nine is reversed, outside pressure can become almost unbearable, so it's time to reject further demands upon you and put yourself first. Avoid making important decisions when your resistance is low. (Dean, 2008, 62)

Step 52: Ten of Wands

Upright Meaning: A Burden

There is much responsibility to shoulder, and agreements you made in the past have become a great burden. As well as having too much work to do, you may be carrying financial or moral burdens. When this card appears early in a reading, it can also be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed. You may need to lay out the cards again when you have a little more mental space. (Dean, 2008, 62)

Reversed Meaning: Self-Deception

Unwittingly, you have made a rod for your own back but, instead of taking responsibility, you may be blaming other people for burdening you. Your interpretation of a situation may be wildly different from that of others. (Dean, 2008, 62)

Step 53: Page of Wands

Upright Meaning: Cautious Progress

The Page brings good news, and predicts that several pressing matters will command your attention. He warns you to check the facts rather than believe everything you hear. As a person, the Page is a natural talker, full of loquacious charm but easily bored. You may need to assess what is truth and what is hearsay, and resist becoming caught up in his gossipy world. (Dean, 2008, 63)

Reversed Meaning: Manipulation

When reversed, what is real becomes fantasy and vice versa. Information is purposefully withheld and malicious stories circulate in a dedicated campaign to hide or manipulate the truth. Watch out for careless chatter and those who thrive on misinformation and the chaos it can cause. (Dean, 2008, 63)

Step 54: Knight of Wands

Upright Meaning: Creativity, Success

Whatever you've been waiting for begins to materialize, perhaps in the form of the charismatic Knight himself, or as an inspiring, entrepreneurial phase. Knights bring energy and action, so events are likely to speed up as projects progress and the right conversations take place to bring about the success you desire. (Dean, 2008, 63)

Reversed Meaning: Insincerity

The reversed Knight may be brilliant at talking up a project but, when it comes to committing to anyone or to anything that resembles work, he backs out. He loves to talk because this brings him attention, but he is unreliable and insincere. As a symbol of a situation, his presence is a warning that you judge others by their actions rather than their words. (Dean, 2008, 63)

Step 55: Queen of Wands

Upright Meaning: Inspiration, Passion

The Queen has integrity, creativity, and clarity of vision. Sensitive to others's feelings and a good talker as well as a listener, she is naturally popular. Others respect her wisdom and ability to communicate her ideas with passion. As a symbol of a situation, this Queen predicts the arrival of an inspiring influence. (Dean, 2008, 64)

Reversed Meaning: Unreliability

It is tempting to believe those who claim they can give you everything and take on some of your responsibilities, but the reversed Queen warns of unreliability. This has a negative effect on those in her orbit, who feel constantly let down. A a situation, promises may not be kept. (Dean, 2008, 64)

Step 56: King of Wands

Upright Meaning: Honor, Compassion

The King brings calm integrity and compassion. Wise and unassuming, he is loved by family and friends. He may be undemanding of others, but he still has energy and ideas. This card reveals honorable conduct, and can also indicate that you will feel comfortable with yourself now. Others respond to you positively. (Dean, 2008, 64)

Reversed Meaning: Prejudice

The reversed King has been embittered by bad experiences in the past or he has simply never bothered to question his intolerant attitudes. He is no moral compass for others and is unable to listen to their opinions or deviate from the safety of his stubborn ways. As a symbol of a situation, this card can reveal that negative thoughts are brewing. (Dean, 2008, 64)

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