Taser Phone

Introduction: Taser Phone

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I know there are many instructables on how to make a taser so instead I'm just going to do this slide show of mine because it's just a slight variation (i.e. it's in a mobile phone case). Enjoy

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any actions by anyone who decides to build this device. This is strictly for knowledge................and a little show and tell.



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    i asked this before i got in trouble with a similar taser device. i am sorry i am not able to try it

    I saw this on csi Miami lol. is that where you got the idea?

    Guys, an advanced version of above project.

    Please view and like the video if you really like it. Honest comments over it are always welcomed. It would be helpful for this project and our college. Thanks for your time:-)


    really sorry about the pics. I only had my phone at hand since I don't yet own a digital camera. The pictures along with the captions are good enough to follow if you plan to make this.

     mate could u pls make a propa instructable on this because i dont kno anything about electonics...
    im sure alot of people would love to see it

    hey...honestly......i would like u to make a real proper ible.....not just slide show....i want to know how u put the charger part......thx :)