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Introduction: Taser From Electric Fly Swat

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If you have one of those electric fly swats that you aren't using, have a look at this! In winter we don't really get any flies annoying us here in New Zealand so the swat just sits on the shelf collecting dust. Here's a way to make it even more fun and put it to other uses :D

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Step 1: What You Need

1. Electric fly swat (like the one in the photo)
2. Hot glue gun (adhesive)
3. Nails x 2 (prods)
4. Screwdriver (opening it up)

Step 2: Tear Down

If you suffer from heart problems, be careful not to get shocked.
Take the batteries out of the swat. Use the screwdriver to open it up. Remove the swat part and cut the cables at this end point of the handle. If you are a bit paranoid about getting a shock, touch the circuit board on a cold water tap (ground) to discharge. Remeber it's just a fly swat so it's not going to kill you.

Step 3: Looksie

Have a good look at the open swat and see if you can identify the different components. It's always interesting to see how people have made things.
Touch it! I dare you!

Step 4: Modding

See in the photo how I have circled two cables? This is where the shock is coming from. Peal the insulation back off both cables so that you have a good 1-2cm of bare wire at the ends. This is where the nails come into play - they are going to be the prods that stick out the end of the taser. Wrap the each bare wire around a nail nice and tightly. I used solder to keep them together but the hot glue will be more accessable to most.

Step 5: Calibration

Make sure the nails aren't touching each other while you do this bit. Carefuly hold each nail in place to the side and angle it inwards so that both nails just about meet. See the photo to get a good idea of what I mean. Use the hot glue gun to glue them both in place so that they are quite constricted and make sure the nails are only just out of reach of eachother (about 1mm). I lumped more glue on once the previous amount was dry to keep those nails there!
The reason why I designed the nails to be so close and almost touch is so that when you turn it on, it will do something rather than just do nothing until someone accidentaly falls on the prods. Because the voltage is not phenominal, you can't have too much of a gap between the nails. It still looks and sound good when activating it by itself. I can imaging if you had an attacker, this would make them think twice and you wouldn't even have to hurt anyone!

Step 6: Finish

Once the glue is in there, put the casing back together and add more glue to fill the hole at the front there the swat bit was. Put the batteries back in and have fun. You can see in the photo below, it is back together! Check that still photo of the electricity! Oh... yeah...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    hey any sugestions on how i can shorten it to make it more smaller and/or compact


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you look at step 4 it shows that it gets it's length from the battery compartment. Go to radioshack buy a dual AA battery holder and solder that into the circuit board and tape the board onto it or use that really sticky double sided white sticky pads and then but electrical tape around the whole thing so you can't touch the components. Then you should be able to get two small finishing nails and with some flux from the Copper plumbing section you should get the wires on them and then use hot glue to put the nails on the tip. I however have a feeling that you want to take this to your high school and shock your friends, but I strongly don't recommended it considering this would be a weapon and to some it might look like a bomb. Trust me...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome check mine i made out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgyBR9HeX30

    thanks again...

    The Ideanator
    The Ideanator

    10 years ago on Introduction

    why not just hit people w/ the swatter? it would add humiliation to the pain


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The negative wire goes off into 2 wire meshings on each side of the swat/racket. The positive wire goes to another mesh between the two negative wire meshings. What you have to do is bridge the gap from negative to positive mesh in the middle which can't be done by simpley hitting people. You would have to point your finger into the mesh to get a shock. This is how the swat kills flies - they go through to the middle and bridge the two polarities. I do agree with the humiliation part though. LOL