Taser (stun Gun) From a Battery Charger Adapter V2.0





Introduction: Taser (stun Gun) From a Battery Charger Adapter V2.0

About: Hi :) My name is Leslie, and I'm from Hungary. I'm interested in almost every DIY things. I like the repair things, or crafting by myself instead of buying it.

Hi everybody :)

In this instructable, I'm gonna show you how I made a taser out of a battery charger adapter (little black box, you push into the wall socket :) )

I have already made a shocking device earlier (about 2 years ago), but it was not portable, and looks terrible :D
So in a snowy sunday afternoon, I decided to build a new and better one.

First of all, let's talk about safety.

I'm not a professional enginner, I think almost everyone can make this device in different ways. I tried it, and I'm alive. Due to it is working on a 9V DC battery, current is not high enough to burn the skin, or kill a person.
By the way, high voltage can be dangerous!

Don't shock people with pacemaker, pregnant women, or girls, animals, and so on...

It is on you, how you use it. This taser is made to serve as a self-defense device. I have to say, don't shock anyone with this device, expect when your life is in danger.

I do not take responsibility for any injuries, or death or anything you do with it.

Step 1: Tools

You should have these tools to make this project. Some of them are unnecessary, but helps you to make it better, and more stable.

  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutter / Scissors
  • Wire Stripper

Of course, you can solder the parts into a circuit board, but in my case, if I solder everything into a board, it would't fit into the box. So I can recommend soldering only if you are pretty sure it will fit into your box.

Step 2: Parts

You will need the following things. Some of these stuffs should be at your home already.

I searched for the main parts on radioshack.com, and I found these prices.

  • 5-12V Adapter (phone charger, battery chargers and so on, but keep in mind: more volt, bigger shock) ----5$
  • DC Motor (can be found in RC cars, electric toothbrushes...) ---- 5$
  • 6.8 ohm Resistor (to prevent the motor from burning down) (You can use other resistors close to this ohm, I used this one, cause I don't have any other small resistor at home. I tried some other, bigger resistors (around 200-500 ohm, but with these ones, the taser didn't work properly.) If you have a 9V dc motor (which is 5$), you don't need the resistor
  • Switch (push button, slide switch)
  • Copper wires (any kind)

So as a summary, you can make this taser for 10 bucks.
But I'm sure, that you have a motor and/or an adapter laying around somewhere in your house.

Maybe you are wondering, why do we need the motor. Unfortunatelly, I don't know how to integrate a relay into this circuit yet. If you try it out without the motor, you will notice that the sparks are generating after you disconnect the battery. Thats why it shocks once, and then nothing, until you push the swich on and off again. But with the motor, it is like you are swiching on and off rapidly.

Step 3: Take Apart the Adapter

This part is the tricky part. The soul of this project.

Adapters always have a circuit board in secondary side of the transformer. It is usually connected with wires into the adapter, so you just have to cut the wires on both side of the circuit board, and connect the wires from the transformer into your circuit. (Next part)

In other cases, when the transformer connected to the circuit with soldering, like in this picture, you have to melt out the transformer from the board, and solder wires to the transformer.

You should leave the electrodes on the adapter, cause these were made from well conductive, hard material, so it won't break, or bend if you are pushing it into something or someone.

Step 4: Connections

As you can see in this picture, this is a pretty easy connection (yes, I made it with Paint :D ).

You have to flip the transformator. The output (was 5-12V) will be the input side, and the input (which was plugged into the wall socket), will be the output (electrodes).

Step 5: Fit Into the Box

Fortunatelly, I found an old bike light, what used to works with big batteries, so I thought I'll have plenty of space... It barely fit into the housing.

You can fix everything in position with some (many) duct tape.

Pay attention for the motor! DC motors can burn down, if something prevent the rotation. When duct taping things, be sure to leave enough space for the motor.

Step 6: Finish

That's it!

When you push the swich, you should hear the motor spinning. It means that your stuff is working. You can test it with any metal object (nails, scissors), wires, or your finger if you dare to touch it :D
You should see some little sparks as both ends almost touching the metal.
At this point, you earned a handshake. Congratulation! You built your first taser. :)

If you have any question, please leave a comment down below, and I'm gonna help you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for upgrades, and other instructables.
If you are interested in electronics, and DIY things, follow my channel. As i said I'm not a professional engineer, so if I can build something, you can build that too. :)

Have a nice day :)
Leslie Spike

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54 Discussions

Where is the negative and positive on the adapter?

Also you mentioned a out leaving the electrodes what is that and what do they look like


1 year ago

How about replacing the motor with a 555 chip?

Alright, I am going to be as nice as I can be on this subject.

This project is all that it is "a project", and unless you are using it to make your friends jump etc, it's a useless one.

I watched a documentary about these, and i'm talking about the powerful ones, NOT ONE SINGLE CRIMINAL IS INTIMIDATED BY THIS, in fact you are more likely to pi55 him off more by bringing one out and you are going to get a hiding or much worse. All you are saying to said criminal is "I am a weakling and i am afraid of you", you are empowering the person who wants to rob you!

If you whip this piece of junk out however, you are in for a major smack down!

For even anyone to suggest this as a self defense device is insulting!

Waste of time and effort!

1 reply

Well, you might be right, but unless you tried this out, u can't say its a "piece of junk".
You would be suprised how much power is in there. I barely think that a criminal -we speak of - would like to fight against you, after a hit.

I respect your thoughts, but a documentary is not covering the whole truth. Yes, maybe a suspect won't be shocked that much, but maybe yes. With this u give yourself a chance to protect yourself.
Nothing is less than something. Don't forget that.

IT didn't work. I treid using a transformer from a 220V ac to 9v dc adapter but the output voltage is zero. I didn't get a shock nor my multimeter reads any current

2 replies

U sure u connected it right, and are u sure that the transformer is working?

If you whipped this out to "defend yourself" where I live, you're gonna have a bad day! Stupid idea!

Couldnot understand the circuit. Can anyone plz provide an image of ciruit plz. Also didi u used only the transistor out of the charger circuit or the entire circuit. Plz provide an image. It will be a great helphelp:)

4 replies


U don't need the circuit at all from the adapter. You just need the transformator from it.
Sadly, I don't have an image of the circuit, cause I took it apart, to build a better one, without DC motor, but with relay.

Well the transformer has one side 4 pins and other side 2 pins . Now plz explain me what to do. Really in a great problem.

Give me a lil' time. I have a transformer like yours, I'll try it out as soon as i have some time. I'll write u soon. Stay tuned.

Well the transformer has one side 4 pins and other side 2 pins . Now plz explain me what to do. Really in a great problem.

A variable resistor should be integrated after the output of the circuit (Primary side in the picture)

Can we use capister and diode insted of moter plz plz reply

1 reply

I guess you can, but I'll post a new instructable soon, since I have finally worked out how to use relay instead of motor.

Hey, I finally built it with relay, the instructable (Stun Gun v3.0) will be available soon. :)

Do you know exactly, how to build it with relays, cause I didn't use any relays before. I would be really happy, if u can upload an image of a circuit.