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Hello! How are you today? I'm fine, thank you.
Today I'll tell you how to make tassel. It's quite easy and pretty. You can make it in your house, even in your dorm. It is good for your decoration, key chains, dolls, OR, you can sell it as an accessory to help your life.

Now, here's how to make tassel.

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Step 1: All of You Need

All of you need
- Yarn (light color is better)

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Tissue

Step 2: 28 Pcs of Yarn

1. Cut the yarn in about 30 cm. Make it 28 pcs or more.
To be honest, for me 30 cm is too long.

Step 3: 50 Cm

2. Cut 1 yarn in about 50 cm.

Step 4: Tie!

3. Tie the '50 cm' yarn like this.

Step 5: Tie Again!

4. Tie again your '50 cm yarn' on the middle of the '28 pcs yarn".

Step 6: Tissue Ball!

5. Make a tissue ball. It's about 1 cm in diameter.

Step 7: Hide It!

6. Place the tissue ball behind the yarns like this.

Step 8: Bundel

7. Now use the '50 cm yarn' for make the bundel. Follow the picture.

Step 9: Congratulation!

Voila. Your own tassel is done.

Step 10:

Thank you for coming. Thank you for your support. I hope this one helps you.

Leave a comment and tell me what should I make for the next project.

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