Tasty, Easy, Cheap and Simple Dog-treats.





Introduction: Tasty, Easy, Cheap and Simple Dog-treats.

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I know a group of dogs of the same litter. A couple of weeks ago it was their birthdays, and I thought about exactly this. The kids thought about disgusting dog-food "cakes"...
These little-biccies went down well with all dogs offered (but then so did the stinky cakes...)

Step 1: Ingredients

These are simple, you don't need much:

Liver (I bought 99p worth of ox-liver)
Flour (plain)
Oil (I used redundant olive-oil from a jar of anchovies)

Step 2: Make Biscuit-dough

Turn your oven on at a temperature around 150oC / 300oF now.

Chop the liver into small pieces. 200g / 7oz, this helps to deal with "stringy" bits.
Blend with the oil. 25g / 1oz, and by "blend" I mean to use power-driven metal blades, to liquidse the lumps.
Add 2tsps of baking powder to 150g / 51/4oz plain flour.
Mix the flour & baking powder into the homogenised liver and oil, until you have a thick and sticky pink dough.
Turn the dough onto a floured-surface and roll / stretch into a sheet.
Cut into strips.
*Note this will be soft, and sticky - use plenty of flour.

This is a small prep', if I'd used all the liver:
liver 520g / ~18.5oz
flour 390g / ~14oz
oil 70ml / ~21/2floz
baking powder 5tsp

Step 3: Bake Biscuits

Place the dough pieces on a baking-tray, lined with grease-proof paper (it can be sticky).
For long-life, biscuits need to be dried-out, cook slowly and gently.
I used 60 min at 150oC / 300oF turning once after 30 min, and then I turned the oven off leaving the biscuits in the oven with the door ajar as it cooled.

They turn out light and crunchy, tasting and smelling like cooked-liver.




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    this is dead simple, although not sure I could manage being so close to liver, let along smell it baking. Although I'm sure my pug would be delighted

    this is dead simple, although not sure I could manage being so close to liver, let along smell it baking. Although I'm sure my pug would be delighted

    HA! I've Never though of making treats for my dog! I might try them, it seems it would cost around £2, Do you know how long they would last? I supose the dogs won't mind if they go hard?


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    As biscuits, if well dried they'll last a long time (in a container).Dogs don't mind dry & crunchy at all.
    I got two trays out of what I used, you'd have a large bag for less than £2 of materials.


    Nice!, That certinaly Is much cheaper than store bought dog treats! I might have a try at this!

    ... If the occupants in my house agree.


    Made it today.. I agree the liver is horrible! But my dog likes them. I have a picture of the biscuits below..

    ... I Wish I could go to the meet up In alfreton, It would of been great to see someone make your instructable and show you.

    Thanks for the instructable!



    Yep, I was in derby-shire two weeks ago as well! I had a DJ gig for my cousin..
    I wonder if they are going to do a meet up 'down south'?


    hmmmm.. Yeah that would be quite good! I'll speak to gmjhowe and see what he says.

    There is a local hall here with all the needed facilities.
    I could purchase some kits from Rapid, I could bring food as well.

    My age should not affect the meet up? I am 14, but its about seeing other authors and having fun, sharing knowledge, right? I'd be quite committed to organizing the meet up and I have no intention of 'messing about'.

    Sounds like a good idea though!



    Yeah! Well ive bought the liver, 75p in sainsburys, a little less than the co-op. Ive got the rest so when I get some time Ill start making!


    I always get slightly cautious when somebody describes foodstuffs meant for animal consumption as "tasty"...

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