Tatted Olympic Rings (MicioGatta's Remix)


Introduction: Tatted Olympic Rings (MicioGatta's Remix)

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This is a remix of my own 'ible Crocheted Olympic Rings. Please, vote for me if you like!

Step 1:

You'll need:

  • 5 colour cottons (scraps are enough)
  • tatting shuttle
  • needle

Step 2:

Wind very little cotton on the shuttle. Follow the schematic in the first step.

Try to use cotton of the same weight, as you can see in my work, black is too big.

If you can't shuttle tat, please follow this guide:


(I've learnt to shuttle tat from a friend of my granny when a was a kid.)

Step 3:

Finish all the five rings.

Step 4:

Hide the tail of the cotton thread using a needle, behind the circles.

Step 5:


Use it as a pendant or key chain, or you can sew it to a bag, T-shirt, ect.



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