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I have been working on putting tatting around an ornament, but took a break to show you a tatted snowflake i came up with.  

Tatting thread size 10
Tatting needle size 5
Beads (60)
Collapsable eye needle

Inner part of the snowflake:
Use your collapsable needle and thread on 30 beads.  Now put on your tatting needle.

1. R 5 (bead) 2 (3 beads) 2 (bead) 5 cl. k.
2. Chain 5 k.
3. Repeat 1 and 2 five times until you have 6 rings and 6 chains total.
4. Attach final chain to base of first ring.  Double knot, cut and hide ends.

Outer Part:
Put 30 beads on your thread.

Thread your thread through all 6 of the rings from the inner part of the snowflake.  It should look like in Picture 4.

You will be working backwards through the rings you have woven through.

1. R 5 (bead) 2 (3 beads) 2 (bead) 5 cl. k.
2. Chain 15 k.
3. Thread your needle backwards through the last ring taking part of the chain with it as in Picture 5 - 7.
4. Repeat 1-3 five times until you have 6 rings and 6 chains total.
5. Attach final chain to base of first ring from this part of the snowflake.  Double knot, cut and ends.

Since you want the snowflake to stay fairly flat/stiff, iron and starch it.  Now you can attach a string to it or an ornament hook, or even add it to a chain for a necklace.  Whatever you want!

You are done with your lovely tatted snowflake :)



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5 years ago on Introduction

Very interesting. I like it very much and I will make some for my Christmas tree.

Thank you for sharing!


7 years ago on Introduction

I wished I had a magic nose to make everything on my wish list! This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

1 reply

Should I be reversing any of my work, such as this first line

1. R 5 (bead) 2 (3 beads) 2 (bead) 5 cl. k.

should i reverse my piece here, or do I work though the whole pattern with, I think because I want to reverse my piece I keep messing myself up.

THe pattern si easy to follow it may just be me!

2 replies

No, you're right. You should be reversing between rings and chains. I'm still getting used to the Reverse Work idea, because I always just work however it lays so that I can tat with the ball thread in my left hand. I've started adding that with my most recent Tatting Instructable and I think I'll try to go back and put that in where I believe it belongs.

All right!!! I'm going to start over, I have wanted to make tatted snowflake for so long! Thank you for all your help I will defiantly be sharing my finished piece.

I am still working on this my first two attempts came out weird, i think my inner snowflake looks odd I am going to try ti with silk yarn in large sized needle.

1 reply

I could skip the beads, but it would be more challenging to find a giant bead substitute - like an empty gatorade bottle.

1 reply