Tea Candle Flight

Introduction: Tea Candle Flight

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This is a tea candle flight that holds four tea candles. This was made out of a spare piece of wood. It is a 3/4 inch piece of wood. It has holes cut in it to hold the hold the tea candles. You will only need a few tools and supplies to make this. Tea candles are great to burn and this is great way to display them. I stain mine to give a nice finishing look. You could make it hold more or less candles how ever many you want. Also you can space them apart how ever you feel fit.

if you don't want to make your own candles

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Step 1: Tools and Supples




drill bit



sand paper

tea candle


straight edge

Step 2: Making Template

Making a template can be made on a sheet of paper then transferred to the wood or you can make the template right on the wood. I started with measuring the tea candles and then figured out how far apart i wanted the candles spaced apart. Then I figured out how much room I wanted to leave on the edges of flight. The candles are 1.5 inches diameter. I left a .5 inch on the edges and a half inch in between the candles. I marked the center of where the candles will sit. Marking the center helps for when drilling out the spots for them. Use a ruler to make these measurements.

Step 3: Cutting

After you have your template made and traced onto the wood you can start cutting.

Start with cutting out the frame of the flight. I just a jig saw you could use a hand saw or what ever you want to get a straight cut. After you have it cut out you can now drill out the holes for where the tea candles will sit. This is done with a 1.5 inch drill bit. Make sure not to drill threw the wood because the candles need to sit on the wood. Also make sure to drill your holes so that the tea candles will sit flat.

Step 4: Staining

Adding a coat of stain makes the tea candle older look really nice. Before staining make sure to sand all the edges of the flight. Make sure to sand the bottom and top as well. Don't forget to also sand the holes for where the candles will sit. Once that is done you can start staining. Make sure to stain all sides and inside the holes cut. Make sure to stain it evenly and don't apply to much. Elevate the flight so it drys not sitting on a platform that can cause dripping stain to build up on the bottom edge. Let it dry add your candles and light them.

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    1 year ago on Step 3

    To make sure that the holes are drilled out flat or perpendicular to the table or whatever the holder is placed on, a drill press probably should be used along with Forster bit.