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Introduction: Tea Cup Bird Feeder

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This Instructable will show you how to make an easy and inexpensive bird feeder from materials laying around the house. The tea cup and saucer we got for free from a CraigsList curb alert.

Step 1: Materials

Tea cup and saucer


E600 (or another strong epoxy/adhesive, OR hot glue with epoxy for added support--something non-toxic)

Bird seeds

Step 2: Placement

Before you glue anything down, decide how you want your bird feeder to be set up. We've learned with our own bird, Cecil, that birds won't really dig for seeds, so an upright cup probably won't attract many birds. An easy to peck through layer of seeds, will.

Step 3: Epoxy

When you've decided on the placement of the cup, use hot glue and/or a strong non-toxic epoxy to cement the pieces in place. Make sure to follow the manufacturer suggestions on how to use exactly. Also make sure to clean up any glue strands etc. so the birds don't accidentally ingest it.

Step 4: Velcro

We decided to use velcro to secure the bird feeder because our balcony is a bit oddly put together. Just slap a strip of extra strong velcro to the bottom of your saucer and the other end to where you want your bird feeder to stay and you're good to go.

The bird feeder is going on the window away from our container plants as we've had problems with bird seeds being knocked into the containers and sprouting.

Step 5: Fill

Your local pet and hardware stores will have a variety of seeds, usually ones specific to the birds in your area. We have a mix of wild bird and song bird seeds.

Step 6: Wait

Now that your bird feeder is all set up, sit back and wait for the birds to come. We've been very lucky this summer and have had a wide variety of birds coming to our balcony---we think partially because of the seeds, but also because of our own bird, Cecil.

Will update soon with pictures of the feeder in use!

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