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Introduction: "Just My Cup of Tea" Pouch

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Hey momoluvers, it's momo and today I'll show y'all how to make a really cute coffee/ tea cup zipper purse! This is the only place you can find a tutorial in English for this! So I'm excited to give this to y'all! Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

1- 4 different fabics (best if they somewhat match)
2- cotton batting
3- sewing machine
4- scissors
5- template above
6- zipper

"Anse" means handle.

Step 2: Put the Front Together

Cut out and sew three fabrics that you want on the outside like above. Make sure on the top and bottom of the strip that you cut it thicker on the top and bottom. (The fourth color will be for the inner lining)

Step 3: Assemble

Put the cotton stuffing onto the back of the part with the 3 colors. And put the inner lining face to face with the cover front piece. Sew about 1/2" and put inside out. Do the same thing with the other piece, just add the handle

Step 4: Zipper

Sew on the zipper how you would normally sew it on

Step 5: Top Stich

To make the 2 halves come together, top stitch around the entire thing

Step 6: Little Tag (optional)

You can take a piece of string and put it through the zipper hole and cut out a little tag out of felt. You can hand sew any word you want on there, a name, a beverage, etc

Step 7: Finish!

And that's all you have to do! This is a quick craft but it's super cute and really unique and I know my momoluvers will like this! If you haven't already, follow me, become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings! Love y'all •_£

Step 8: Momo's Shoutout Sunday

Okay so if you're familiar with my page, you should know that I give shoutouts to three of my followers every Sunday! I have selected 3 very special users and ask for you to follow them

First, " spaceofhearts " this is a really cute origami project and there's some other things on this page that is really cute and I like it a lot go follow them

Next, " SkyProductions " has made these cute little cat ears. I bought this would be purr-fect
For a cute little Halloween costume. And It looks so easy to make! Go follow this page for more!

And finally, " Lily Tran AREA " she makes polymer clay structures and I think they are so cute- especially this little rainbow! Go follow her

YOU too can be a part of momo's shoutout Sunday! You only need to make sure your page has 2 things:

1- you need to be following me
2- you need to be an active
(Meaning your most recent instructable has to be made at most a month ago)

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    5 years ago

    That is so cute!!


    5 years ago

    Thanks Zabzab!


    5 years ago

    Alright notadiyer! I'll feature you in the next momo's shoutout Sunday!


    5 years ago

    About the shoutout sunday... Sure! I would love that! Thanks.