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Introduction: Tea-Light Candle Holder

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This takes an old box and some slate off-cuts, which are both waste products destined to be collected by the trash men and gives them a new life as an attractive addition to any home :)

All this project will cost you is a hotmelt glue stick and a tea-light.

You require

Hotmelt glue gun
Old corrugated box
Craft Knife
some slate offcuts or a slate tile
Tile cutter

Step 1: Box Destruction + Measuring

  • Dismantle the box
  • Measure the diameter of the tea-light, then add 5mm (40mm + 5mm = 45mm)
  • Measure and mark a grid onto the card with 45mm squares.

Step 2: Cut Strips of Card

  • Cut long strips of card

Step 3: Cut Strips to Size

  • Cut two strips 7 squares long
  • Sore the lines either side of the middle square on both strips
  • The idea is that the two halves overlap

Step 4: Glue Together

  • Use the hot melt glue gun to stitch the box together, remember less is best
  • Eventually you will end up with a closed box

Step 5: Create Two More Boxes

  • Make another box, 2 squares high
  • Make the last box 1 square high

Step 6: Cut the Slate Sides

  • Using any type of wet tile saw cut the following
  • 4x  155x45mm
  • 4x  110x45mm
  • 4x  65x45mm

Step 7: Cut the Slate Tops

  • Use the tile cutter to create 3x  43x43mm squares

Step 8: Assemble Tall Box

  • Pre heat the slate in the oven to about 400C they only want to be warm, not hot
  • Clean any slate dust off
  • Add hotmelt glue to one side of the tallest box
  • Adhere the slate to it ensuring it is carefully centred with no overhang
  • Repeat on the other three sides
  • Add glue to the top and stick in place

Step 9: Assemble Medium and Small Boxes

  • Repeat the process for the remaining two boxes

Step 10: Enjoy

  • add a candle, wait for night, add fire............ then.........admire :)



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    14 Discussions

    Yeah it gives you more time to position the slate before the glue solidifies

    and there is no chance of this slate getting too hot to burn the card??

    I have a bunch of 2x2's(2 inches by 2 inches) laying about the place & was thinking about using them rather than using the cardboard....

    what you think?? Yes? no?

    2 replies


    2x2 is fine, it will be quicker to make as well :)

    Card won't burn..... unless you want it too!

    Cookie cat is V-cute.......just eats, sleeps and poops

    don't all cats? lol

    once in a while you'll get lucky & have a lap cat...I have never been so lucky in that respect tho...

    As for the card, I didn't know that. regardless, still a lovely candle holder. :)

    OH! I forgot to mention, I love this idea!! I like the looks of it, and I bet my other half would love it too! :)