Tea Light Paperweights





Introduction: Tea Light Paperweights

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Take basic glass tea light holders and turn them in to beautiful paperweights with your favorite images.

Step 1: See the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Laser printed images

Glass tea light holders

Famowood Glaze Coat



Plastic cups

Disposable wood stirrers

Step 3: Prepare Your Images

Laser print your images

Cut them to fit inside of your glass tea lights

Step 4: Mix the Glaze Coat

Pour equal parts of Glaze Coat into two separate cups

Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes

Fill the tea light 1/4" full

Step 5: Fill the Glass Tea Light

Place your image face down and tap in place

*You'll be seeing the image from the bottom

Fill the tea light the rest of the way Add 1/2 teaspoon glitter and stir

Let cure overnight outside or in an unoccupied part of the house



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    Just bought 8 of these at a thrift store! Was going to make pin cushion s. Hmmmm.....

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