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Introduction: Tea Lights Out of Old Bottles

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These days yea lights are quite popular in India. And overly priced.....
My wife lives to cook Chinese our Indian version of Chinese food. We spice it using a hot sauce or chutney. Had few empty bottles lying around....

Recycled them into tea lights, to my surprise, results were very beautiful and very less effort involved

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

1. Chutney empty bottles
2. Glass paint and paint brush
3. Glass cutter

Check my pervious instrutables on how to make a glass cutter

Step 2: Cut the Bottle Jars

We need a glass bottle cutter, there are many ready made tools available in US not expensive. but in India every thing becomes insanely expensive.

So made one at home. please check my previous instrutables for the steps to make one.

Now back to cutting bottle jars. Score the bottle at desired height and using candle & ice method, separate unwanted section. Use a sand paper to smooth the edges.

Never touch the cut surface with bare hands. Uses safety gloves and wear safety goggles.

Step 3: Paint Them

Clean the glass surface with tissue paper, remove dust and water droplets.

Using black outliner make a design that you like. one can Google on tea lights and get some ideas on the design.

Gently apply a single coat of glass paint. Remember that glass paint are very light, let it dry for few hours then repaint.

Tip : do not apply thick paint, starts dripping.

Once you are happy with the color, let it dry for few hours

Step 4: Light Them Up

Light up some candles in side the tea lights holder. Sit and watch the lights dance and make patterns.

Some pics. Hope you like this.

Used normal phone to click these

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Cut bottle with string and fire as variant without glass bottle cutter



    Reply 4 years ago

    tried it, I was not able to get clean cut. the bottle cutter made it easy.

    it is not difficult to make one.