Tea Time USB: Storage Contraption

Intro: Tea Time USB: Storage Contraption

I like to make all sorts of odd junk from odd junk.  I particularly like to illuminate vacuum tubes with USB pen drive  LED's.  Here is may latest contraption contraption housed in an old clock case picked up at an antique store for $5.  There are 2 small motors from BBQ  rotisseries running continuously turning the water meter and raising the teabag.  Cup is filled with battery operated EL  wire.  I happened to have a big old magnifying lens from a projection TV and it fit perfectly after wrapping the edge with copper foil (from stain glass store).
Pen drives are stripped of their casings and the hot glued to the underside of the vacuum tubes.  Doll hand was something I had lying around.
I am not offering instructions on this because it is unique to  the stuff in had in my junk pile.  You can make anything out of anything!



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    Winged Fist

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful design! Looks like it deserves a spot in a steampunk museum;-)