Teaching Digraphs

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Step 1: Items Needed for Teaching Digraphs to Kindergarten Students

Large Chart Paper
Different colored markers
Digraph Bag Puppets for SH, CH, TH, and WH
Brown Paper Lunch Bags for each puppet

Step 2: Whole Group Instruction

Gather Students to the whole group instruction area. Have chart paper where all students can see. Draw a shoe and the letters "sh".

Step 3:

Have students come up with words that begin with "sh" as you write them on the chart paper.

Step 4:

repeat for other digraphs.

Step 5:

have a student pass out paper bag puppets to color and paste to bag.

Step 6:

dismiss students to their work area.

Step 7: Sample


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love how thorough your steps are! Very nice work!