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About: David is a professional firearm instructor and Emergency Preparedness Author, He has 10 published works and his website is devoted to teaching individuals how to be better prepared for life and life's disast...

My Name is David Nash

I am a full time professional emergency manager, and part time firearm instructor.  Basically I teach people how to deal with disasters.  I see a disturbing trend that we have lost touch with the land.  We no longer know how to do things our forefathers took for granted.

I have tried to counteract this as much as I can through my company Shepherd School.  Through hands on firearm courses, online articles, and documentary videos I have filmed over 300 projects that allow the average citizen to become more self reliant and better prepared to handle emergencies.

While I have had a tremendous support from the online world, my neighbors haven't enjoyed having an urban homestead in their subdivision.

My dream has always been to move "back to the land",I believe this dream, combined with my teaching skills and background can become much more than a home for my family and I. 

I plan on purchasing raw land and build a workable homestead using both the best practices of our ancestors, bot also appropriate technology using our modern knowledge and materials.

As I build the homestead, I intend to host workshops dealing with each individual process.  These individual workshops would be extremely diverse to help a wide audience.  These classes would cover sustainable building using cob, cordwood, and hay bale building techniques, wilderness survival, pioneer living and food preservation, as well as instruction on basic and advanced firearms use.

My school's website is www.tngun.com, my youtube channel with over 500k views is youtube.com/tngun, and my firearm training manual can be found on amazon at www.amazon.com/Understanding-Handguns-Self-Defense-David-Nash/dp/1608850250/

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    Thanks, I have been working this direction for the past 10 years, and found 18 acres near Nashville for under 24k. If I win I can buy the land plus use the money I already have to build the first pieces of infrastructure to allow workshops to be taught on site. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do both buy and build.