Tealigh in a Light Bulb

Introduction: Tealigh in a Light Bulb

yesterday i broke my light bulb, and i had an idea: "How can i reuse this bulb? Maybe i can create a tea light holder!", and i made it!!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

for this project you need only a few things:


light bulb.


5 euro cents (or another flat base)




hotglue gun

Step 2: Open the Bulb

first you have to open the light bulb, using the hacksaw and the pliers is very simple.

Step 3: Open the Tea Light

using the pliers remove the external part of the tea light.

Step 4: Fit the Candle

applying a little pressure fit the candle in the light bulb, and remove the residue of wax.

Step 5: Glue the Base

finally you can glue the base under the bulb

Step 6: Finish!

and now you have a simple candle holder!!!


i know it's a rough project and can be improved in a lot of ways.

for next projects i think i will

use a bigger base, it can give a better balance.

fill all the bulb with the wax and put a longer wick to have the candle longer lasting.

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