Tealight Lantern




Introduction: Tealight Lantern

Create these easy paper tealight lanterns using Silhouette Studio software and a Silhouette paper cutter. These are best for use indoors, where wind is not a factor :)

This project is appropriate for beginner-advanced level Silhouette users.

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Step 1: Download the Template

Download the template and open it in the Silhouette Studio software.

Step 2: Add Flair

Customize your lantern by adding in small objects to cut. Make it your own! Add little butterflies, dogs, bagels, whatever you love!

Cut your lantern on a Silhouette paper cutter.


  • Keep your cut items small. About half an inch is the largest size that I would use for a cut out object. If you have to have larger items, try adding a layer of vellum to the inside for a more textured lighting look.
  • Try cutting out half shapes (for example, the half moons in the flower lantern). This angles the light from your candle and looks awesome.

Step 3: Light a Candle

Light a tealight candle and place your lantern over it. Use either battery powered candles or regular candles.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hi :) I like these. With which silhoutte paper cutter did you craft them? <3


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hello! I've used both the Silhouette Portrait and Cameo to make these. I'm glad you like them :)