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Introduction: Team Based Co-op Billiards Game

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Most pool(billiards) games are player vs player or team vs team. This can be a problem when you have only two players of very un-equal skill levels or a few very good players and a few less skilled players. Me and my wife both like pool but I am quite a bit better than her. After a few games she can get discouraged losing every game. I wanted to make a game were any number of players can play and where everyone wins or loses together so it's truly a team experience.

Step 1: Game Rules

this game works with any number of players including playing alone.

The concept:

The concept of the game is, your team of however many players, is trying to reach their score limit before the table reaches its score limit.

Score limits: The score Limits can be set to numbers that suit your teams skill level. My wife and I play so that we must reach a score of 60 and the table must reach a score of 15. If your unsure where to start I'd start with this score limit combo and adjust from there.


PLAYERS SCORE by pocketing balls. Any ball can be pocketed except the 8 ball. The 8 ball can be pocketed but only when there are no other balls remaining. The score you receive for pocketing a ball is equal to the number on the ball. For example, if you sink the 9 ball you receive 9 points.

The TABLE SCORES by your mistakes. The table gets 1 point if no ball is pocketed on a shot, 2 points on a scratch, 4 points if you scratch by hitting the 8 ball and 8 points if you scratch by sinking the 8 ball.

SCRATCH rules. If you scratch by sinking the white ball the table gets 2 points and the white ball is placed on the centre of the D line. If you sink a ball and scratch you only get half the points of the ball (rounded down) and the table gets 2 points.

Players take turns back and forth, you don't continue taking shots after you sink a ball.

On the brake, balls that are pocketed don't count towards your score and if no ball is pocketed the table does not receive any points. If you scratch on a brake the table doesn't receive any points either and the white ball is set back on the centre of the D.

Step 2: Tips and Further Info

The brake has a bit of strategy to it. You don't want to pocket any balls because they don't count towards your score, on the other hand you want them broken up enough as to not make further shots to difficult.

If you don't have a good shot or if the only shots are low scoring balls you can instead let the table have a point by intentionally not pocketing a ball but taking a shot that lines up your teammate to sink a high points ball.

The most difficult score limits you could play this game with is the table needs a score of 1 and your team needs a score of 228. That would mean you need to pocket every ball, but none on the brake, and you must not miss a single shot. Like I said me and my wife play with the table needing a score of 15 and us needing a score of 60. Find what works for you and most of all have fun.



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    My thinkin was that this game is sort of like pool training, so since avoiding the 8 is a part of regular billiards I wanted that to remain the same here.

    I grew up learning straight pool from the Allentown (as in PA) boys. No 8-ball until I was old enough to get into bars. LOL Your game can be easily adapted to any ball as the last I suspect. I played your original version with my daughter over the weekend. All we need now is an Instructable for a counter system that reads the balls, works on any table, and networks via cell phone or tablet. Well beyond my expertise, unfortunately. Great job on this. Definitely a winner!

    Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve made this game for people to enjoy so you can adapt it how ever you like to make it the most enjoyable for you. For a counter I just download a generic counter that can keep track of 2 scores and keep score that way. The one I use is called ‘magic life counter’ and you can set up all kinds of scoring on it. Thanks for commenting.


    3 years ago

    That's a great idea tell me how it works out. You should printout a rule sheet so you don't have to explain the rules a million times to.

    this is an awesome idea! the local bar only has one table and were always fighting to play next and theres always ppl of very different skill levels, this might be a solution, Thanks!


    3 years ago

    No problem. My wife now enjoys pool so that's a good thing for me.