Team Fortress 2 'Scout' Costume

This is a costume I made for cosplaying, and I am quite proud of it. It's mostly gathering Pieces for the costume but some crafting is necesarry. 

Pictures of the trousers and the dog tags aren't included but you can see them here.

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Step 1: Find a Good Source Picture

Before starting any costume which you want to look a lot like the character you are recreating, you need a good picture of that character. For the scout I used the picture below!

Step 2: Finding the Components

The second step for making your costume is finding you parts. 

Step 3: Putting It All On!

Once you're done, you just need to put on your costume and show it off to all your friends and to your family! Enjoy!!

P.S. I would love to see other people's take on this!

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4 Discussions

This is pretty good, where did you get the shoes? That's the only component I'm having trouble with.

As for your comment about a 'tight' shirt, I disagree. Scout's clothes (tracksuit trousers at least) are too big for him, so a baggy shirt could actually work quite well. You can tell that they're too big for him because he tucks everything in - the trousers into the socks, the shirt into his trousers, and he rolls up the sleeves.

All in all this was a nice tutorial, these are just my own personal observations which affected my choice in what I bought.


5 years ago

Where did you get those components because I want some so badly


5 years ago

You should put some sort of white thin clot around yours hands

1 reply

Yeah, I mentioned that I had assembled that but i just wasn't wearing them in the pictures of me wearing it, the bandage i used is also in the pictures of the items I used!