Team Hybrid's Ultimate X-Clamp Fix

Introduction: Team Hybrid's Ultimate X-Clamp Fix

About: If you ever need any help fixing your Xbox 360 let me know, or visit our site at

The best way so far to fix the RROD problem with the xbox 360. Check out to read the entire tutorial. Fixes most e74, 0102, freezing/no video problems, etc.

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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice video my method is different i dont sand anything and dont add steel plate instead i use, M-5 12mm steel screws then arrange like this two steel washers one nylon washer mother board one nylon washer, one steel washer and then heat sinks, my kit is 8 M-5 screws, 16 #10 nylon washers and 24 #10 steel washers, i buy mine at lowes for about 8 dollars and change, i fix alot like that and yeah this fix last about 6 months no matter whos way you try beacause those x- clamps caused this and slightly warped the mother board, so u will have to change the paste kinda like giving your car an oil change.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I saw your video and i was wondering where can i order the 8 x 16mm M5 screws, nylon/metal washers, .75mm foams, 4mm foams, and steel plate. Thanks


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot. It could still have been a lot better I had to get the whole thing done within 2 weeks so I was kinda in a hurry with all the modeling, making textures, animating and actually rendering the videos. If I would have had more time it would have looked way better and I could actually have used proper high res mainboard scans which I got now in case anybody wants em just send me an email. The music was chosen and cut by humboldt think he did a great job on that as well sounds pretty cool. I feel honored that you like the animation that much though, however I hope you think the same about the actual fix as well ;) Cheers, Wilhelm