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Introduction: Team Monsters

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Grab some friends, paper, pencil, and some colors and lets make monsters!

This is a really easy, kid- friendly, fun and often times funny short art activity.

Step 1: Get Ready!

You will need a total of 3 people to do this activity.

Once you have 3 participants, get everyone a piece of paper, a pencil, and something to color with.

*participants here: Kaiden, Zander and Mom(not pictured :p)

Step 2: Draw a Head

Off we go! Make sure you are shielding your drawing from the other participants. You don't want them to know what you are drawing!

Draw a head of anything you want. An octopus, or a person, or a tree, or even frankenstein.

Draw the lines for the neck and fold your paper back so that only the lines for the neck can be seen now. This way, no one can see what you drew.

Now pass your paper to the 2nd person. You will get the paper of the 3rd person and the 3rd person will get the paper from the 2nd person. Now you each have a folded over paper with only neck lines showing.

Step 3: Draw a Body

Now we do the same thing we did before, but this time with the body.

Draw a body of anything. Doesn't have to be the body to match the head you drew before. Can be anything!

Draw some leg lines and fold the paper back so only the leg lines show.

Pass the paper to the same person you passed to last time.

Now everyone has a paper with leg lines.

Step 4: Draw the Legs!

Last round!

Draw some legs. Again, can be of anything!

Step 5: Reveal!!!!

This is the best part!!!!! Now its time to see what you made!

Open them up and take a look at the wonderful, often hilarious monsters you made!

Give them some names just for fun.

Step 6: Add a Dash of Color

Finish it all off by coloring your monster! For us, whichever monster has the head you drew was yours to color. You may have to fight for the one you like best.

Have fun with it! Please share your monsters here in the comments!

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    Very cute, I love the technique of folding the paper and letting each kid draw a different part. I bet it has some very imaginative results.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yes it does! I find they turn out funnier and more imaginative with younger kids than adults and teens. Everyone just draws people.