Model K'nex Sub Machine Gun (SMG)




About: K'nex guns, TF2, and Valve games are what I like to build/play.

I hope you like it. :-)
Took me a short while to make, I'm new to k'nex, just found a tub of it in the closet.



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    The P90 is hideous, and it is the best sub-machine gun ever invented.
    The M7 in Halo isn't that attractive either, but I use it to great effect.
    Kriss...Steyr AUG...SPAS-12...Scorpion...I could go on.

    the P90, kriss, Steyr AUG and scorpion are hideous but they are so hideous they look cool. in my oppinion the SPAS-12 looks great to controdict wat u said the musket is but ugly...the walther PP7, most revolvers r ugly, that butt ugly gun at the top of the page, MP40, FAMAS, and glock

    Well, this conversation will never end, because the FAMAS and the Glock are the two weapons that I think look the coolest. Probably just because the Glock looks awesome and because the FAMAS reminds me of the BR55, but meh.

    the FAMAS looks OK but has da worst sights ever and as effective as the glock is it is like a geometric shape its to blocky

    JoshWaaRmr. cool 384

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Can we just settle this by saying the sexiest gun ever is the M40A3? Purely because of its simplicity and style? And the ugliest gun ever is the TMP. Because it looks like a fat marshmallow. 

    I like all of those designs, and in my opinion, just because they don't "look right" does not mean they aren't good.