Tear Down PS2

Introduction: Tear Down PS2

How to remove all the guts from a PS2 classic.

by Kristoffer, Khalil, Frederik, Aske, Leo, Rasmus and Jon.

PRT students at KEA 1.b 2016.

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Step 1: Remowing Top Shell

Start by removing the 8 covers from the bottom of the PS2, where 4 of them is the resting feet. Underneath each cover is a screw which also need to be removed. The top shell can now easily be removed by lifting it.

Step 2: Removing Cd Drive and Fan

Unscrew the 10 gold galvanized screws which should be visible at this stage. You can now unplug the fan and lift it up, along with the outside cover for the fan and power-switch which also need to be unplugged before removed. Same story with the cd drive, it can be lifted up and then it can be unplugged before you put it aside for later.

Step 3: Metal Cover and Memory Ports

Unscrew the 5 electric galvanized screws on metal cover with the cooling elements, then it can be lifted off. The memory port should then be visible and you should be able to unplug and remove it.

Step 4: Removing the Circuit Board

First remove the thermal pad above the CPU and the plastic cover on the bottom cover. Unscrew the 3 screws on the circuit board and lift it up, keep in mind it is plugged in the other circuit board.

Step 5: Removing 2. Metal Cover

You should be able to simply lift it off and remove it.

Step 6: Expansion Bay Grid and Plastic Isolation

Both should be loose and can easily be lifted up and out.

Step 7: Diskdrive

The top plastic casing should be loose and can be lifted off.

Step 8: The Scanner

The scanner is not fastened but is resting with four rubber pads on the metal rail which makes it easy to remove.

Step 9: Removing Covers

Unscrew four screws as shown in the picture in order to remove the covers for the motor.

Step 10: Scanner Motor

three more screws has to be removed so you can proceed to take off the little metal cover and then remove the motor.

Step 11: Disk Tray

The disk tray is fastened in one corner with two screws, so when they are removed you can simply slide out the disk tray.

Step 12: Gear Cover

Is clicked in place so you should be able to lift it off with ease.

Step 13: Removing the Scanner

Two screws need to be unscrewed, you can now lift up the scanner with the sliding pins attached which can be slid out.

Step 14: Gears and Motor

A metal split is holding the plastic cover in place for the gears, which is fastened by a single screw. When it is removed, all off the parts shown in the picture can be taken out.

Step 15: The Rubber Feets

The resting points for the scanner is the rubber feet, which is crammed in the arms of the metal sheet which also can be removed from the plastic casing.

Step 16: Cd Motor

The motor for rotating the disk is held in place three screws on the metal sheet as seen in the picture.

Step 17: Final Step

The metal arm for adjusting the height of the scanner is clicked in place in the plastic casing so it should be easy to pull out.

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