Teaser: Knex Ball Machine Dysphoria




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IT IS DONE!!! https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Ball-Machine-Dysphoria/

Yes, I have been working on a new ball machine since quite some time now, Dysphoria!

Here I present you the teaser I decided to make.

For more images head over to my website!

Well, let's see when I actually get this thing done, hehe.

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    Ok Sorunome, what's up this time. *watches teaser for dysphoria* HOLY TOLETO BATMAN (reference)!!!! that was amazing. 10/10 IGN approved. Dude, you should totally make INSTRUCTIONS for this behemoth. OMG


    2 replies

    I'm not taking instructions for such a big machine, hehe. Everyone who has the pieces comes up with own stuff anyways.

    Also what reference?

    I really like the interlocking ring lifts. Also, the looping element is really cool, my style of track ;) Will look great when its completed.

    1 reply