@TechShopMP: 3D Printed Radio Knobs

Intro: @TechShopMP: 3D Printed Radio Knobs

I got bored with the knobs on car stereo and decided to 3D Print some new ones. I wanted them to look like the old rotary phone dials

Step 1: Design the Knobs

First I measured the post on the radio and the old knobs to get an idea of the fit tot he car and the space I would be occupying. Next I took this information to AutoDesk Inventor and designed the knob

Step 2: Generate GCode

Next I used Replicator G to create the Gcode for the Makerbot Replicator 2. I used a Replicator 2 becasue I wanted to print with Clear PLA.

Step 3: Print and Install

Lastly I printed the knobs and installed them in my car. When Printing as you can see I oriented the knob with the top up so I needed to use support. All the support is on the bottom of the object so you don't see the annoying artifacts left behind when you remove it.



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    2 years ago

    nice, it is for some kind of pickup ? Where can I find the design ? Would you like to upload it on my websites : www.3dcarmods.com ?