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We all have many gadgets floating around in our messenger bags, getting all scratched up in the daily grind. Then we think we should get them a cozy little pocket of warmth but decide after looking at the price, "life was simpler" when all these gadgets didn't weigh us down. However, the cell phone is a must for someone like me that’s never home. Dear ol' ma wouldn't get to talk to me otherwise. And the MP3 player plays the soundtrack of my days. So I decided that my technology needed a new look if they we going to hang out with me. And now these little monsters are getting so much attention, I have decided to make them as gifts for my friends.

-Various plushy toy toss offs such as beanie babies - can be found at local thrift stores, your kids toy box a co-workers cubical and sometimes even in free boxes
-Needle & thread
-Hot glue
-Goggely eyes
-Old pants or sweaters
- Sewing Machine

Step 1: Deconstruction

Step 1 - Start identifying which body types will accommodate your gadget. Then start deconstructing. Make little piles of plushy parts for your mad science self.

Step 2: Mad Science

Step 2 – Start playing around with mixing the plushy parts on the body shell you chose. Pin in place.

Step 3: Labor of Love

Step 3 – Hand sew, or hot glue the limbs, eyes, hair to your developing terror.

Step 4: It's What Is on the Inside...

Step 4 – Cut off the end of a pant leg or shirt that is as wide as your plushy and a little deeper. Turn inside out and sewn three sides together, leaving the top open.

Step 5: Oh the Birth

Turn the pouch back in and then push it into the body of the monster. Secure with hand stitching or hot glue

Step 6: It's Alive

Step 6 – Insert your gadget. It’s like seeing your cell phone dresser up for Halloween. I leave mine open because it’s a pretty snug fit, but other may want to secure a strap across the top the keep the gadget in place. I did make one with a quasi head by sewing the butts together of two different bottom halves (see pic). Show off your monster and you’ll both get invited to all the cool parties.



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    13 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    These are AMAZING!

    I have a teddy I was given when I was born that my Nan made and it really does closely resemble one of these... Which is preeetty concerning but er.. yeah.


    At the moment I have a lot of time on my hands so I'm sure by the end of December I'll have a whole tribe of them :p x


    10 years ago on Introduction

    IIIIIIIi love it, really good idea i made it for my girlfriend xD


    12 years ago

    Made one of these with my seven year old the other day. We don't have a sewing machine and did it all by hand. We put a head on it and used a bit of elastic and a button to close the beast. We also added a ribbon as a strap. She loves it.


    12 years ago

    Yay! I love it. It's like getting back at a tormented childhood.


    12 years ago

    ooooh boy cutting up stuffed animals for my own pleasure fun fun!!!

    Tool Using Animal

    12 years ago

    Those are so tanj cute I might actually construct one,with two dogs i have plenty of animal parts laying around. I agree with canida, def enter this in the contest.


    12 years ago

    Those are awesome! (Not exactly space-saving, but then that's clearly not the point.) You should add this to the Homemade Gifts contest- these guys would make great holiday presents.