Technical Service of Carprog Full V4.01



Introduction: Technical Service of Carprog Full V4.01

Technical service of carprog full v4.01

When you encounter this problem, how to do?
carprog full v4.01-01

If you have this problem, you need to send back the main hareware for repair. It is the customer mistake to cause this problem, please don't update the software online, don't use other's software, you can use our software countless.

How to read carprog full self-test result?

When some customers see this self-diagnosis result, they think carprog full has problems. Actually, the fact is that we don’t know how to read this self-test result.
carprog full v4.01-02

This is Self-diagnosis result
This is schematic diagram, it shows only when it occurred the errors do you need to change the 4 chips
carprog full v4.01-03

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