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Last year I made my girlfriend a pair of earrings from this instructable  as a gift. Inspired I decided to add my own flair and I came up with these.   

Parts you need
1. A pair of ear hooks
2. An old stick of memory with at least 8 chips on it
3. (3) Head Pins
4. (2) Beads of your choice

Tools Needed:
1.  Alcohol
2. Mason Jar
3. Heater or Heat Gun
4. Sandpaper (400 Grit or higher)
5. Miniature flat head screwdriver (May or may not be needed)
6. Flux
7. Solder
8. Solder Gun

Not Pictured 
9.  Diagonal Cutters (Dikes)
10.  Gloves
11.  Eye Protection (Needed if you decide to use miniature screwdriver method to start separation)

Step 1: Removing the Chips From the Dimm

Take your memory and place it in front of the heater for a few minutes.
After waiting a couple of minutes use a  pair of gloves and take the memory in your hands.  Grab it by opposite ends and give the memory a twist, if done correctly the memory should separate.  If not place it in front of the heater again and try again.  Be patient, if things get too hot get a thicker pair of gloves.  If you do decide to try using the miniature screw driver to separate, WEAR EYE PROTECTION be steady and gentle and then only use the method to get started.  

Step 2: Build the Earring

1.  Solder two chips at a 90 degree angle.  If you find the solder wont stick then use a little flux.
2   Add another chip and solder it in the same manner as the previous one.
3.  Add the final chip and again solder both sides of the chip in the same manner in which you did the previous two.  
When you are done you should have a box which looks like the picture.    It has rough edges which could hurt so they need to be sanded. 
4.  Take your 400 grit sand paper and gently sand the rough edges.
5.  After sanding we want to clean off the flux and grit.  Place it in the jar of alcohol and agitate for 30 secs or so to clean.

Step 3: Attach Angle Support

1.  Place the head pin at an angle and solder one side.
2.  Slide on the the earring hook. 
3.  Repeat to complete. 
     (Soldering the angle support takes a little patience, a steady hand and a little flux)
4.  Using dikes cut the head pin at the solder joint but save the excess for the other earring.
5.  Do it again but now on the second earring.

Step 4: Attach Beads

1. Take a head pin thread the bead and then bend it at a 90 degree angle.
2. Thread the head pin through the box
3.  Adjust bend in the head pin of the bead for more or less dangle. 
4.  A little flux and solder at the joint should hold it.  (The head pin gets hot so use a cloth or wear gloves when performing this step)
5.  Repeat to complete.
6.  Place in alcohol and clean one more time.

Step 5: Your Done

Let them dry and then they are good to wear or give as a gift.

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