Techshop Built Cabinet (Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry)





Introduction: Techshop Built Cabinet (Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry)

I LOVE THE TECHSHOP!!!  Being a woodworker, I have access to everything I need to build whatever I need to. 

I was asked to build a low cabinet for a friend, and he drew out the plans...I was excited to get going on such a beautiful piece. 

Step 1: Planing and Joining and Gluing.

FIRST, I chose the wood. Woodcraft is expensive, but has a pretty good selection.

I planed the wood to the right thickness and jointed the ends to glue them together for the doors. 

Step 2: Glueup With Biscuit Joiner.

In order to keep them lined up when gluing, I used a biscuit joiner. WHICH, OF COURSE, THE TECHSHOP HAS!!!!

Step 3: SHOPBOT Cut Cabinet Carcass....

I used the shopbot to cut all my sides, top, and dividers for the carcass of the cabinet...  ALSO MAKES FOR PERFECT SHELF PIN HOLES!!!!

Step 4: Cutting the Hardware Holes.....

I was pretty nervous to cut the holes for the door hinges, but they turned out great. Using a hole guide and the drill press, I was able to get them perfect.

Things started to shape up.....

Drawers took some time to get perfect, but the TECHSHOP has every tool I needed.


This cabinet is going in an office building, and behind a conference table. I didn't want handles to be hit by the back of chairs, so I routed them into the doors and drawer fronts.

It was a two part process. 

First, I build a jig so I could rout inside it. I did the first cut with a straight bit. 

Then, I took a less deep, but larger diameter bit, and cleared out a deep pocket for a place for your fingers to pull the doors/drawers out. It made me nervous, but eventually got them just how I wanted.

Step 6: Finishing the Whole Thing...

The techshop has a great finishing room. I spent a lot of time in there painting the outside of the cabinet with a laquer white spray paint. It looks great when you do it right, but it took me some extra coats to get it that way. 

I uses a wipe on Polycrylic satin finish for the doors, no stain, just a smooth clean finish. 

Step 7: Shelves...

I used some prelaminated wood for the shelves, and just ironed on some laminate edgebanding. Looks good in the end, and not that much work. Painting is the worst.

Step 8: Final Resting Place....

Here it is in it's new home. I think they love it. At least, I hope they do.



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    17 Discussions

    wow, how much is a shopbot and what is it capable of? do you have the files for this?

    Beautiful job!

    one more thing wont the glue came of with the delay ues? if i make this (will it wont be the same as urs an art in it self but some thing near it )
    im puting it in my craft space so will it last ?

    2 replies

    Hello . Keep your glue in a cool dry place , and out of sunlight . That'll work .

    .Ook > Good machines only make it easier to do good work . :) .

    Hello . Ebay carries a lot of wood , and if you are persistent and up late , you can get good deals. I have been buying wood from there for three years , and make walking sticks.
    Own a lathe with 73 1/2" between centers , and I'm shaping sticks by hand . Slower and more enjoyable .

    This is a great build! I'm definitely going to keep this style in mind for the future... Could you show which boards are which in the photos? I can only identify three types, can't tell which one is mahogany.
    Awesome job!

    2 replies

    If you are looking at the last picture, the one where the office phone is on top, the woods go, WALNUT, MAPLE, MAHOGANY, WALNUT, MAHOGANY, WALNUT, MAPLE, CHERRY, WALNUT, CHERRY, MAPLE, WALNUT. I get confused too, but I think that is what it is.

    gosh I wish we had a TechShop, I'm beginning to really appreciate it. So gorgeous!!

    That's a great cabinet. Definitely will keep this in mind for when I have enough space for it.

    eavan if thay dont i do loooooved it searsaly some art uv don there bro
    just with what kind of clue did u ues?

    3 replies