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This was a class challenge. I challenged my students to create a treat box out of a single sheet of paper. This was my demonstration model. They had to provide a template of their design as well as a finished model that could be filled with candy--I provided the candy. After I graded the projects, I returned the models to their creators filled with candy. It is amazing how excited high school students get when the teacher feeds them candy.

Step 1: Design

The first step for the students was to decide what they wanted their box to look like. I recommended that they start with a simple shape--such as a cube--and work from there.

I had to challenge myself a bit more so I thought of stacking 2 cubes and built my idea from there. The attached PDF will allow you to recreate my box--but I encourage you to design one of your own also.

If you are designing your own box, try using cardstock or construction paper. Be aware that your first attempt may not be perfect--that is ok. It usually takes me a few tries to get what I was imagining. Sometimes it helps to print graph paper onto your cardstock. It helps me measure and get my angles right.

Step 2: Assembly

Print the page on cardstock--it is thicker than regular copy paper and makes the box more durable. I have used a lot of different printers over the years and have never had any problems with printing on cardstock. If you are mass producing these (like if you need one for each kid in class), you can put cardstock in most copy machines. The only time I had problems with it jamming in a copy machine was when I tried to print 2 sided.

Cut out the pieces on the solid lines.

Score each fold marked by the dotted lines. Scoring can be done with an empty ball point pen. You want to press hard enough to dent the paper. This helps it fold neatly.

Glue the tabs to form the box. You will only glue the tabs marked with an X. The 3 remaining tabs are just folded and tucked inside when you fill it.

Use white glue--glue stick is not usually strong enough. (You don't want the box to fall apart when you fill it.) Use only a tiny drop of glue on each tab. (It dries faster and doesn't make a mess all over the place.) Hold the 2 pieces together and count slowly to ten. This will give the glue a chance to grab hold.

Step 3: Decorate and Fill

I almost always go with wiggly eyes. After that my imagination leaves much to be desired. I find kids decorate better than me.

Fill with any small candies--Valentine hearts, m & m's, nuts, jelly beans, etc.

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