Tee Shirt to Men's Tank Top

Introduction: Tee Shirt to Men's Tank Top

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In this short instructable I will show you how to turn an ordinary tee shirt in to your new favorite tank top. I used a Hollister shirt I had because it didn't look good with sleeves but now it is fashionable for men and women in any setting.

Step 1: Marking

OK so first you are going to measure One hand down from the lower arm seem and make a small mark. Next draw a rough line down the seam to the mark you made earlier. Once this is accomplished you can move on to cutting.

Step 2: Cutting Cutting Cutting

For the cutting make sure that you cut OUTSIDE the line to avoid keeping sharpie marks on your new tank top.

Step 3: The Back

For the back you need to make it more narrow than the front. just grab some scissors and trim about an inch off the sides. Remember this is OPTIONAL!

Step 4: Enjoy and Vote!!

Enjoy this new tank top and take it to the lake, the beach, or even wear it just for the joy of it. Vote for me in the T-shirt contest and have fun!! Thanks



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