Teen Wolf Costume





> varsity jacket
> sports patches
> iron-on athletic letters
> iron
> felt
> scissors
> hot glue

Start with a varsity jacket you don’t mind customizing. I found mine at a thrift store for $6. Iron sports patches and athletic letters onto the back. If there isn’t already a varsity letter on the front, cut one out of felt and hot-glue it on. I made a “W” for “werewolf.”


> craft fur
> scissors
> hole punch
> 4 brown shoelaces

For the furry hands and ankles, I bought three 9” x 12” pieces of craft fur at a fabric store. I used one for each arm and cut the third in half for each ankle. You may need bigger or smaller pieces depending on the circumference of your forearms/ankles. The pieces will be wrapped around your wrists and ankles and laced up to keep them in place. Use the hole punch to make holes in the fur on two opposite sides to feed shoelaces through.


> white makeup pencil
> brown, gray and black face paint
> makeup sponge
> thin paint brush
> dark brown eyeliner pencil
> crepe hair
> scissors
> spirit gum

Start your makeup by sectioning off the parts of your face where you want the crepe hair to go (in the shape of a beard) by drawing dividing lines with a white makeup pencil. Fill in the rest with light brown face paint (mix brown and gray) using a makeup sponge. Paint the tip of your nose black using a thin paint brush. Create a hair effect on your cheeks and forehead by painting lines radiating out from your nose with brown, gray and black using the same thin brush. Scrunch up your face and trace the creases in your forehead, nose and around your eyes with a dark brown eyeliner pencil. Cut the crepe hair into 3- to 4-inch pieces. Apply the hair with spirit gum starting under your cheek bones, working down toward your chin, alternating sides of your face with each chunk of hair to keep coverage somewhat symmetrical.

Press-on witch nails, fangs and Chucks finish off the look.



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