Teeny Smoothies on a Stick

Yes, I know there grapes but when frozen they tastes amazing. Like tiny smoothies :) Enjoy Stuff needed Makes 4 smoothie stix 4 skewers or cake pop stix 16 grapes A freezer

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Step 1: Grapes on a Stick

Take one skewer and four grapes and put the grapes on the stick. Doesn't really matter how. Repeat

Step 2: Freeze

The title explains itself. Freeze until hard. I usually leave them in the freezer over night

Step 3: Enjoy

Once frozen enjoy. Put in your child's lunch Serve as an appetizer at a your party Serve anyway just don't forget to share

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    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    I know, I love frozen grapes they tast so different !!;))