Teepee Model

Introduction: Teepee Model

We built this small Teepee for a Cub Scout project. We started with skewers drilled into 1/2" birch ply, and tied off at the top with kite string.  A little CA helps hold the string tight.  

Next we took an old pair of leather shoes and cut it up for the covering.  I used a Dremel with a drum sander to make the leather look more weathered and a little lighter in color.   The leather was hot glued onto the skewers.

To create the fire, I took a small flashlight bulb, soldered it to some simple battery connections, and built a small box around it to hide the battery & wire.

Finally, a small wood pile was fabricated from toothpicks.

Fun project!

Now to figure out how to make the fire 'flicker'...

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