Introduction: Teetotem

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Teetotem is an old fashion game from 16th century Europe. In which you spin in a top like manner. It was played by the poor and rich.
Each player receives 10 markers (coins, candy etc) every time a player takes a turn ALL players put one marker into the pot ( bowl, cup, pile etc)
If you roll
A 1. The player puts one of their markers in the pot
A 2. The player puts two of their markers in the pot
A 3. ALL players must put one marker in the pot
A 4. The player takes one marker from the pot
A 5. The player takes two markers from the pot
A 6. The player takes the entire pot
The teetotem is passed to the next player and the process is repeated
When a player has no markers left he or she is out of the game.
Play continues until one player is left.
Game requires 2 or more players

Step 1: Materials

Old pencil

Step 2: Cutting

Cut a piece of cardboard 1"x6"
Fold that piece into a hexagon with each side 1" long and tape it
Trace the hexagon twice to make the top and bottom
Tape them to the hexagon on every side

Step 3: Numbers

Take the sharpie and write 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the sides. So it looks like a dice

Step 4: Done

Now stick the pencil in the teetotem and play.
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