Telephone Tin


Introduction: Telephone Tin

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This is an instructable for people without a cell phone, or If you find pay phones more your style.

Step 1: Gather the Stuff

You will need:
-Small Altoids tin
-letter sized paper
-small pencil
-4 quarter

Step 2: Assembly

Paper in first

Step 3: Assembly Continues

Then Loonie and Toonie

Step 4: Assembly Continues

then pencil

Step 5: Assembly Continues

then 4 quarters

Step 6: Final Step

Close the Altoids tin and put in pocket.



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    the zinc/cadmium oxide in the coins produce an electromagnetic field that can tap into cell phone towers, but only in Nebraska and Pakistan. However this electromagnetic field will cause rats to eat your left knee because of the frequency of the electromagnectic field (23432.783 Hertz). This will also lead to birth defects such as field hockey sticks for arms, and no genitalia and/or liver.

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    Why not one of those really small pencils- doesn't need to be sharpened.

    Oops, my mistake, i meant to write really small pens, sorry. You normally buy them for keeping in a small notepad, or some use similar to this. Not that pencils are bad, this pen would just be way smaller.

    gotya, i understand - but pencils are waterproof, and u can write upside down also.

    yes, payphones are comenly exposed to outside weather, there not always in booths!

    hahaha I was referring more to the upside down part, but fair enough, pencil it is.

    The upside down bit was more for humour. But then, there is those few occasions when gravity get reversed.

    i kno, i kno, your just like there trying not to fly off into space, and those metal cables on the handsets never hold.

    I know, it's so annoying with the change falls into the sky when it's change time and gravity reverses!