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Intro: Teleport Hats

This instructable describes how to make a set of teleport hats. A teleport hat is a crocheted hat which doubles as a device with which you can teleport yourself to a person wearing the same type of hat in case you miss oneanother and want to be together without the hassle of driving, jetting or biking there.
This particular set is made in the free-form crochet style: there is no exact pattern to crochet from, instead you crochet in an iterative process alternating between crocheting and trying the hat on for size and pattern adaptations.
Disclaimer: It is of course not a functioning device but it works well as a gift for someone you miss or someone who misses another person madly as it provides an opportunity to take some kind of action when ordinary options like driving, jetting or biking are not feasible even if the action is only symbolic.

Step 1: Find Yarn and Crochet Needle

First step is to decide on which colors the hat will have. Three colors make the most striking hat - remember that it is supposed to be a hat that makes the wearer happy as it will be associated with missing the company of a specific person.
Also find a crochet needle that matches the yarn. If given a choice in size, opt for the largest one in the spectrum of the yarn's abilities as the hat will be more adaptable to the wearer's head if crocheted in a loose manner.

Step 2: Start Crocheting

The crochet can begin. Start with the top as it is the only way to get a really pointy top which is needed for the teleport effect to occur. Make your way 'down' the hat by alternating the colors of yarn in a pattern that you find appealing.

Step 3: Pay Attention to Form

Make sure you pay close attention to the form of the pointy top while you crochet it. It needs to be pointy but on the other hand it does not need to look like santa's hat.

Step 4: Start Making the Base of the Hat

When the pointy top is about 2 inches long you have to begin making the actual hat which will fit snugly to the head so that it doesn't fall off during the teleportation. Notice how the color pattern of this particular specimen is enhancing the feeling of speed and rotation in the pointy top. An important part of the design in order for the hat to appear as if it could have been used for teleportation had the technology been invented.

Step 5: Adapt Design of the Set's Hats

If making a set, make sure the hats share some of the design (color, pattern or other) in order for them to look like a set.
Make sure you try the hats on frequently during the crocheting part of the design as you are making it in the free-form style and not from a pattern as such.

Step 6: Trying on the (finished) Hats

It is important to try on the hats in front of a mirror or by help of a camera during the design process. It is the only way you can make sure that sizing and pattern is optimal. You will probably be surprised how difficult it is to envision the final look of the hats without trying them on.

Step 7: Carry the Hat With You at All Times

After the finishing of the hats and after having made sure that your missed one has received one of the hats, don't forget to bring the hat everywhere you go. If you are a laptop owner, your laptop bag is likely to be the perfect hiding place for the hat.
In this way you can always be prepared to seek comfort in knowing that the hat is a symbolic link to the person you miss.
The hat can of course also be made as boots (perfect for babies) or other clothing items as well, although the hat is the item to bring out the most smiles in your surroundings. And if you're sad it is nice to be smiled at.

Step 8: Demonstrate

If necessary, provide instructional video with your teleport hat when you send it to the one you are likely to be missing.



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    school is pretty much prison. people assume you're going to do something wrong, fights break out, you can't leave until a predetermined time, the government mandates you have to be there, crappy food, and you're forced to work. the only difference is that school lets you have just enough freedom at home that you can fully understand just how constricting it is.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely adorable. I love the concept. Great twist on friendship bracelets.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    do you think i could make one big enough for my childhood?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    YESSSHHHH!now i can teleport back to mars......


    9 years ago on Step 5

    It looks like the top of one hat fits into the top of the other. Are these little soul mate tops?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    cool! I can totally see all sorts of possibilities here. a little secret society of funky hat people? secret messages in clothes... how fun it would be to meet someone new in person via shared hat patterns!