Telescope for 1 Hour

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Make a telescope in 1 hour is cheap and interesting.

Step 1: Telescope for 1 Hour

Assembling a telescope is very simple, you can see the craters of the moon, the rings of Saturn, the distant parts of your area. This is interesting. Maybe you already have some lenses at home? If there is, then it will be necessary to determine what is for the lenses and their power and to calculate the focal length between them on the Internet a lot of information about this.Further I will give the instruction of simple and cheap assembly with certain lenses.

Step 2: Telescope for 1 Hour

For the manufacture of the telescope we need: 1) Plastic sewer pipe with a diameter of 50 mm, Length 1.5 meters (sold in hardware stores) 2) A piece of tube with a diameter of 40 mm,Length 40 centimeters . 3)objective -lens with a force of +0.5 dptr, with a diameter of 50 mm. (can be ordered at the optics store) 4) Eyepiece-lens with a diameter of 40 mm ,from a conventional magnifier. 5) Insulating tape. 6) Plastic cover with a diameter of 42 mm

Step 3: Telescope for 1 Hour

1)Insert the lens Eyepiece into the cap and attach the cap to a piece of tube with a tape.2) wrap the tube body with tape so that it can then be very tightly inserted into the main pipe.3) Insert a tightly wrapped piece of pipe into a large pipe.

Step 4: Telescope for 1 Hour

4) With the help of electrical tape or glue, attach the objective lens to the main tube.Telescope ready.

Step 5: Telescope for 1 Hour

Telescope do-it-yourself for just 1 hour-cheap and interesting.To create a telescope, it is possible to use the distinction of the material that is at home to experiment with the phone and separate lenses.Perhaps you will be the first to see and meet aliens.

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