Television Anti-Friction EZ Swivel Mat!!! * Free Delivery *

Introduction: Television Anti-Friction EZ Swivel Mat!!! * Free Delivery *

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Television Anti-Friction EZ Swivel Mat 
Free Delivery with the purchase of a pizza!

I had a pizza delivered and once the pizza was gone, I found a plastic mesh mat that was inserted to separate the pizza pie from the cardboard box. This is something I've never seen before and still not sure if this is a common practice of other pizzerias.  I noticed the unique design of the mesh it was very rigid and stiff, so I looked closer, magnified 10x's. It was easy to see how it was constructed, the amount of contact points to the surface was reduced which created an anti-friction mat.

My television currently sits on top of a tempered piece of glass on a wooden cabinet. So if I want to view it from a different angle, I can swivel it along with the Cable Box and Internet TV box and not scratch up the cabinet.  The glass works, keeping all of the components together and now with the EZ Swivel Mat inserted in between the glass and cabinet, the resistance is next to none.

This wasn't quite a flash of genius but it did make sense to use the mat as a buffer in-between the glass and cabinet. The only bad part is the pizza wasn't that great, so I haven't ordered another one to find out if I get another Anti-Friction Mat.

Teflon Mesh (not sure where to find more)
2 Hard, Flat Opposing Surfaces (the need to be positioned easily with less friction)   

If you are familiar with this material or know where to resource more, please post a comment or send me a message to share with others.  Thank You! 

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great alternative use! I wonder if it would work under an old, heavy TV? It's possible/probable the pizza joint made a mistake leaving the mesh under your pizza. They seem to be used for <i>baking</i> pizzas. See this google search:


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great idea! 2 things, if your pizza place is a larger (regional/nationwide) chain, maybe it is more available than you think. And you could always stop in to your pizza supplier and ask.