Tell Phillips From Regular Tip Screwdrivers Without Looking at the Tip

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Many of us store our screwdrivers on hanging racks were you can see the top of the handle but not the tip. Half the time you pull out a tool with the wrong tip. A few screwdrivers come with a symbol on the top to indicate what type the driver is. This instructable will give you one way to do this.


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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Old cd rom or other disposable surface

Single edge razor blade or equivalent

White electrical tape ( or other color to your choice )

Screwdrivers to mark


Step 2: Procedure

We want very thin strips of the tape, try to cut this with a scissor and you are likely to cut the tip of your fingers off. Instead apply the tape to a surface like an old cdrom. Then use a single edged razor blade to cut across and get a thin strip. Apply to the screwdrivers. Clean with a solvent first if the tape does not adhere. See pictures. Done.



Step 3: Another Idea

Half the time I try to put my usb devices plug in upside down. Use a bit of tape to mark the up side.  Now I plug in using only 2/3's the time.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cross head, not Phillips-Phillips head is a very specific type of screwdriver head, designed to provide the strongest grip on the screw head it can until the screw requires too much torque to turn, at which point it will slip out of the head. Also, USB plugs have the proper side marked with the symbol, without exception.

    3 replies

    You are right about the usb markings, but I cannot read the black on black. The photos "clearly" show the markings


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! This happens to me too with my screwdrivers in my tool bag, too.